Heather Roy, I Salute You

ACT’s Heather Roy is easily one of the most hardworking and committed MPs in parliament.

As ACT’s national security spokesman she has decided to front up to see what life is like for soldiers in the field. Heather Roy has joined the Territorial Army.

This weekend, she leaves her family and the comfort of Karori to start six weeks of Basic training in the muddy dugouts, seemingly vertical hills and freezing rivers of Waiouru.

Having done a “Basic” myself many years ago, I know Heather will enjoy the experience immensely and learn heaps about herself and her comrades.

It’s a real credit to Heather that she takes her responsibilities so seriously that she is willing to take on yet another big commitment.

For more details check out this article.

Hats off to Heather Roy.


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4 thoughts on “Heather Roy, I Salute You

  1. There’s not much press coverage of this. You’d think ACT infiltrating the government would be big news.

  2. Wheres Aaron to say what a bad look this is for ACT etc…? The male leader dancing while the woman is off playing Rambo in the sticks….?! Oh the horror! 😉

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