Back Soon Freedom Fighters

Blogging off for a while.

Emergency CIA training camp.

I’ll be back to the counter-revolution re-energised and re-programmed in a week.



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16 thoughts on “Back Soon Freedom Fighters

  1. anonymous says “Let the filthy jews and rag heads kill each other,who gives a fuck?there all subhuman shit heads.”

    Well, isn’t that special! A neolithic encephaloid has graced us with his wisdom.

    Considering that Jews are at the vanguard of modern civilization I don’t understand the subhuman claim. I do however understand your labeling the Palestinians as “shitheads”.

  2. Steve the anti-semite from Northland says “IDF:10 Palestinians:1…’s IDF:128 Palestinians:7
    That’s nearly double the 10:1
    Fuck, that’s Nazi !”

    I don’t know why you are upset. The depraved Palestinian losers are constantly reminding the world that they love death and the Jews love life so they will eventually win.

    The Arabs outnumber Israelis 50 to 1 so any ratio below that is disproportionate killing of Jews. Fact is the depraved Palestinian losers are disproportionately killing Jews.

  3. And I think about the people of Deir Yassin – 100 odd, no, 150…..more.

    Wholesale murderous slaughter of innocent human beings at Deir Yassin. 25 bloody buses in one fell swoop. Who’s bloodthirsty here ? Mah Mah ?

    Where are you coming from you lunatic ! As I said:

    Holocaust Nazis !

  4. Trev, Mah Mah, Reid…..I gotta get current…’s not IDF:10 Palestinians:1…’s IDF:128 Palestinians:7

    That’s nearly double the 10:1

    Fuck, that’s Nazi !

    No ? Track the progress of Adolf Hitler…..a village, 150 people…..all gone.

    Same thing !

    And you preach you bastards !

  5. Trevor, dont come back, because the sit in your desk is been bugged, your pc is been bugged your bed is been bugged your wife’s necklace is been bugged, your front door is been bugged,your lawn mower is been bugged, your brain is been bugged( and they will never listened to anything anyway)

  6. Hurry back to the front lines Trev’ because the Individualists’ Insurrection needs you there badly. The collectivists are closing in.

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