Cathy Odgers on War Medals

The legendary Cathy Odgers has written an excellent piece on the “war medals for sale” issue.

Seems that a seaman Odgers won the first VC awarded in NZ.

Nothing equally galvanises or polarises us more than war.
Even after the war is over, everyone seems to have an
opinion on the war and the events that unfold. Most of whom
were never present or have even served in their lives.

At regular intervals pecuniary gain from the sale of medals
is an issue. Social commentators are generally against
profit from the sale of war medals. We have seen this
recently with the proposed sale of Charles Upham’s
Victoria Cross.

So lets for argument sake take a hypothetical. It is a
little known fact that the first recipient of the VC for
action in New Zealand was not a New Zealander at the time,
but a Pom. His name was William Odgers (born February 14th
1834, died December 20th 1873).

Check out the whole post on Clint Heine’s Blog


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