Shalom Interview With Allen West

Great interview with Congressman Allen West, with an emphasis on Israel. Some probing questions and some honest answers.

I wish every Democrat voting Jew in America could see this.

Imagine if every US Congressman were this good.

This man has never failed to impress me.


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13 thoughts on “Shalom Interview With Allen West

  1. LarryG is using my line, from the first time I heard him, I thought this should be our first black Pres! DC is full of spineless politicians, I hope Col West rubs off on them!


  2. Congressman Colonel West should be seriously considered for the Republican or third party nomination for President or Vice President in 2008, if the current pretender to the Office of President has not by then eliminated them.

  3. This is a real man with courage and intellect. I have a lot of respect for Col. West and hope he continues to stand up for American in any capacity he can.

  4. I pray he can accomplish something — but it's tough battling a media and a ruling elite who preach tolerance, then turn their vitriol against patriots. The first amendment protects their right to do so, and the conservatives like West have been willing to do battle to defend and uphold that document.

    Trolls who are lurking here — please consider moving to Castro's Cuba or Red China or one of the Euro-Socialist countries. Since you like that ideology, you'd love living there. But be careful what you say in Cuba or China. They don't believe in that freedom of speech thing.

  5. I found your website perfect for my needs. It contains wonderful and helpful posts. I have read most of them and got a lot from them. To me, you are doing the great work.

  6. Nancy,
    The trolls have always known about this site. Man I wonder if this is what Obama meant when he said,"Hope and Change is coming",cause if it was,Hot Damn.You know when you watch someone with brains and logic and a clear vision like Col.Alan West it makes Obama look retarded in comparison.This guy should be our first black PRESIDENT.

  7. Yup, he'd be about as helpful as a splint if you fell down a steep bank and broke your leg and was 5 miles into the bush.
    The times of Hadrian should be taught in all schools if people want proper education for their kids.

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