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Dick Durbin’s Secret ‘Strategy Meeting’ On DACA With Radical Group Who Defended North Korea; Honors Palestinian Terrorist

“Senator Durbin and several of his colleagues are in bed with NAKASEC, a well funded and very well organized radical group with a long history…

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Is North Korea the Bait in the Trap? Will Russia and China Combine to Strike America?

My good friend, geopolitical strategist Jeff Nyquist believes that America may be walking into a trap if she attacks North Korea. Russian and Chinese forces…

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North Korea Crossed the Nuclear Power Threshold, 60?

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code The best defense is to take them out before they are fired…..we can and we know where they are….

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Pro-North Korea Communists Defend Pyongyang, Condemn “The Interview” Call For Black Revolution

Just recorded. Nick Maniace of the Workers World Party condemns US military “who commonly commit rape against South Korean civilians,” US “biological and chemical warfare”…

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The Cuban-North Korean Connection

New evidence of North Korea/Cuba military cooperation should be of huge concern to the US. From the Cuba Transition Project Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American…

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Help KeyWiki Expose Asian Americans For Equality’s Insidious Network

A network of “former” radicals,  some allied to Communist China, have built a strong power base in Manhattan’s Chinatown and are using it to influence…

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Fear the Russia/China Alliance

If Americans think of national security at all, its usually of Islamic terrorism or Iran, maybe North Korea. Few are saying this, but what they…

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Israel: Time’s Up

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton As the clock runs down and the urgency mounts, the Administration continues to douse Israel’s hopes of surviving an apocalyptic confrontation…

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Red Dawn – Official Trailer (HD)

NoisyRoom Wolverines! And I will just have to sub in my head the Chinese for the North Koreans.

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Must Read! Russia’s Continued Cold War

Every American leader and voter should read this article. From Christian Gomez of The New American: On May 3, 2012, Russian Chief of General Staff…

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Evidence of Covert North Korea/China Missile Cooperation

There is a commonly held (but very false) view that North Korea, Iran, Syria etc., are rogue nations that set their own foreign and military…

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Reminders of the Horrors of Communism

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media This past weekend, two stark reminders of the nightmare that communism was, and continues to be, left the world…

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Whoopie Goldberg Prefers Communism More Fully Enforced

Gulag Bound Goldberg’s communist comments are apparently left unchallenged by Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd, on ABC’s The View. This very brief post below from…

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EMP Nightmare: How Iran or North Korea Could Destroy America with a Single Bomb

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: BB

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North Koreans Praise “Biggest Protest Against Capitalism in 300 Years”

Communist North Korea is very excited about the international “Occupation” movement. Surprised? From Pyongyang based Korea Central News Agency, October 18: The working masses’ struggle…

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