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Glorifying ‘rampant’ child rape in Afghanistan and Napier’s lesson

“Western forces fighting in southern Afghanistan had a problem. Too often, soldiers on patrol passed an older man walking hand-in-hand with a pretty young boy.”…

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Pentagon Confirms Purchase of Russian Helicopters for Afghan Military

The Pentagon has decided it’s in the “national interest” to keep buying MI-17 transport helicopters for the Afghan military from a Russian company. The Defense…

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Call Me Maybe Cover – Kunar, Afghanistan – US Army Soldiers

NoisyRoom And now for something completely different… 🙂

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Russia Today Seizes on Opportunities to Undermine US Effort in Afghanistan

Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today, seizes on more gift opportunities to undermine the US war effort in Afghanistan.

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The Strange Case of Sergeant Bales: Enemy Agent in the Ranks?

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media We are told that Sergeant Robert Bales navigated his way through Taliban-infested areas and killed 17 Afghan civilians, including…

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Russia Poised to Exploit Western Withdrawl from Afghanistan

Russia is working to re-assert its influence in Afghanistan and build ties ties with Pakistan. As Western forces prepare to wind down the war in…

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Aerial Bombing, No Longer an Act of War

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Welcome to a whole string of kinetic military actions employed through the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine of the Obama Administration. You…

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GOP Rep. Allen West on Obama’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Speech: “What you Saw was a Highly Politicized ‘Mission Accomplished’ Speech”

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Brian B. Watch the latest video at Read more at Freedom’s Lighthouse…

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