4 thoughts on “Russia Today Seizes on Opportunities to Undermine US Effort in Afghanistan

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  2. If it truly was a diabolical Communist conspiracy that ‘lured’ the U.S. into the same morass as the USSR, you’d have to admit they did a hell of a job Trevor.

  3. Trevor,
    If the Truth CAN undermine US efforts in Afganistan, so be it.
    OTOH, if US Troops did not behave in this manner there would be nothing to report. Our presence in Afganistan is as much based on Govt. lies as was the War in Iraq and the decimation of Libya.
    My Mommy always told me “if you don’t like criticism, stop behaving stupidly”.

  4. Trevor, The US Effort in Afghanistan is about one thing and one thing only protecting the global elite cash cow OPIUM CROPS! remember what Bush’s scumbag buddy Tony Blair said when they first went into Afghanistan?
    Afghan drug war debacle: Blair said smashing opium trade was a major reason to invade but 10 years on heroin production is up from 185 tons a year to 5,800

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2102158/Heroin-production-Afghanistan-RISEN-61.html#ixzz207BBEVVm

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