The Church Needs An Exorcism

By: Cliff Kincaid

Jesus Christ went to his death willingly. His mission was to save humanity. We are saved if we believe. On earth, however, we as mortals also have an obligation to save ourselves and our loved ones. But the clergy have no credibility left and leading church officials, including Pope Francis, have gone AWOL.

With a new “supernatural” horror movie on the way, entitled “The Pope’s Exorcist,” starring Russell Crowe, we are being reminded of the evil forces in the world trying to capture souls and send them to hell.

Here’s the official description of the film: “Inspired by the actual files of Father Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican (Academy Award®-winner Russell Crowe), The Pope’s Exorcist follows Amorth as he investigates a young boy’s terrifying possession and ends up uncovering a centuries-old conspiracy the Vatican has desperately tried to keep hidden.”

I know a pastor in our nation’s capital who is a true Christian fighting the tide of moral degeneracy running rampant in society, including within his own church. He even feeds the vagrants and homeless who camp out nearby. Drowning in alcohol and drugs, they tell those helping them that they deserve “respect.”

This pastor was recently mugged outside his church.  The church was vandalized during the May 2020 George Floyd riots conducted by Black Lives Matter and the communist-inspired Antifa movement.

Not too far away, a Virginia woman was murdered in a Washington, D.C., hotel room. The perpetrator, career criminal George Sydnor, had avoided prison and was free to kill, having been released in many other “pending cases.” He stabbed his victim, 31-year-old Christy Bautista, more than 30 times, so hard that the knife blade broke off and he severed her spinal column.

In my opinion, this is more than just a violent crime. This is evil of a demonic nature.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Maryland, one of the most Catholic states, a “four-year investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse by members of the clergy and cover-up of that abuse by the leadership of the Catholic Church” has been released.

But the names of the guilty have been “redacted.”

Some of the victims may sue but it is unlikely the perpetrators will ever see the inside of a jail cell. Instead, the church will collect donations on Sunday and use the money to pay for settlements.

It’s no wonder that a recent poll that found values like religious faith have become less important to the nation over the last 25 years.

In order to understand this problem, we need to go back in history and look at just one hub for the fundamental transformation of America that began even before Barack Hussein Obama took power.

Years before hedge fund operator George Soros assumed funding of various Marxist and “progressive” groups, to the tune of billions of dollars, the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C. was the headquarters of those looking for ideas and funding of the communist revolution in America.

During the 1980s it served as a base of operations for those opposed to President Ronald Reagan’s anti-communist foreign policy.

The 1987 book Covert Cadre by Scott Powell documented the communist intelligence connections of the IPS and even featured photos of Soviet intelligence agents at IPS events.

Soviet spy Alger Hiss, the United Nations founder and a U.S. State Department official, spoke at the IPS on March 23, 1984. IPS regarded him as innocent and launched a series of “Alger Hiss lectures” in 2002, after receiving a bequest from the estate of Alger and Isabel Johnson Hiss.

Saul Alinsky, whose disciples trained “community organizer” Barack Obama, also spoke at IPS. One IPS “Educational Seminar” featured Bill Ayers, future Weather Underground terrorist leader.

IPS associate I.F. Stone postured as an independent writer whose mission was to expose corruption in U.S. policies and the U.S. Government. He was later exposed as a Soviet agent of influence.

Top Catholic official Father J. Bryan Hehir once taught a course at the Institute for Policy Studies called “Matthew, MARX, Luke, and John,” while the organization also sponsored a “Liberation Theology Lecture Series.”

At one time, the Catholic Church opposed Marxism. Anti-communist analyst James Tyson wrote, “For decades after the Russian Revolution in 1917 the Catholic Church worldwide was one of the strongest opponents of communism.” John Paul II, who became Pope in 1978, understood the reality of communism, having lived under it in his native Poland. He criticized Marxism and Marxist-oriented Liberation Theology.

Miguel D’Escoto, a Catholic Priest of the Maryknoll Order, advocated Liberation Theology and became the foreign minister of Communist Sandinista Nicaragua. He received the Lenin Peace Prize from the old Soviet Union and later became president of the United Nations General Assembly.

Pope John Paul II had suspended D’Escoto from the priesthood. Pope Francis reinstated him.

In a local example of how this spiritual and political battle is taking place, the Catholic Church actually intervened against and admonished a Wisconsin pastor who had urged parishioners to vote against state Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz, who campaigned for abortion. Rev. Brian Dulli had said in the church’s bulletin that “Abortion is the intentional taking of a human life. It is murder.” He added, “As a Catholic, I urge you, for the salvation of your soul; do not vote for her in the Supreme Court race on April 4.”

Challenged on his views, he said, “My heart is filled with love for you and for our nation. My comments are coming from a place of love. I don’t want anyone of any faith to suffer eternal fire in hell for supporting the killing of the unborn. You are in my prayers.”

Protasiewicz had received funding from billionaire hedge fund operator financier George Soros, who donated $1 million through the state Democratic Party for her campaign.

Liberation theology has come to America, courtesy of George Soros and Pope Francis. The trouble (for Catholics) is that Soros is an atheist and Francis claims to be a disciple of Christ.

Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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2 thoughts on “The Church Needs An Exorcism

  1. We are in a severe spiritual battle where the principalities and powers of darkness Sacred Scripture tells us are our enemies if we are faithful Christians. These principalities and powers of darkness have demonic influence on those who are lacking supernatural grace that only God can give. They are in effect, servants of the enemy of God, Satan. As these demonic powers have increased due to the fact they have successfully taken over the minds, hearts and souls of even very, very many who claim to be Christian, especially the leaders of the institution located in Rome since the Second Vatican Council (clearly demonically influenced)-Paul VI, JPII, Benedict XVI and particularly Francis-which, by the way, instituted a new anti-Catholic religion based on the heresy of Modernism (the synthesis of heresies according to Pope St. Pius X), the world has plunged into a horrific darkness, darker than it ever has been. The secular leaders, the leaders of the false religions of Protestantism, Islam, and Talmudic Jewism in particular, and now the false religion of Modernism, are all in concert with the principalities and powers of darkness working together to destroy the human species because all have actually rejected God and placed man above him. Even worse and more recently, the earth has been placed above both God and man. This can only be a demonic plan and politics nor fidelity to a nation can eradicate the evils this plan has foisted upon man because man has cooperated in his own extermination.

  2. Trevor,
    Most people seem to be concerned with the political disagreements nowadays. But how are our children and grandchildren to know the truth when the news media are willing participants? How are our corporations going to work for us and make free market capitalism thrive when they are literally being threatened to comply with radical thugs? What is going on, I believe is a few VERY bad actors (billionaires) are literally buying out the troublemakers. (They didn’t just appear out of nowhere.) How is our voting system going to be honest when corrupt individuals in very powerful places, including the government are literally trying to sabotage the democratic process? Last and not least, when our own government works against the American people, I fear it’s too much for a moral people. The truth is we VASTLY outnumber the relatively small number of people who are destroying the very principals we love. I ask all freedom loving Americans PLEASE don’t let these sick, greedy, and dishonest people take away what so many people have died for, trying to preserve. By virtue of the fact everything we see happening seems UN-American, I propose the people behind all this are NOT (literally) Americans, nor are they in the limelight.

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