Proof Nancy Pelosi Is A Communist

By: Kris Zane
Western Journalism

How exactly America has gotten to this point—and how we are going to find our way back is uncertain. But we must try.

Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House, is a communist.

This according to Trevor Loudon’s blockbuster book, The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress. And Pelosi is just one of dozens of communists in Congress!

How exactly America has gotten to this point—and how we are going to find our way back is uncertain.

But we must try.

Step One is to impeach Pelosi’s communist-in-arms, Barack Hussein Obama.

Step Two is to remove every communist member of Congress and indict them for treason…



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3 thoughts on “Proof Nancy Pelosi Is A Communist

  1. I’ll try to be nice, since I think KeyWiki is an indispensable resource for understanding the far left. Seeing the same 50 or so prominent names over and over again listed as attendees of one after another official-ish socialist conference should be a spine-chilling experience for anyone who is unaware, like I used to be, that there are still quite a few ideologically-possessed commies in the world intent on taking down America. But, guys, this video is just awful. The reality of the situation you’ve researched is unsettling and sensational enough, there is zero need to embellish anything or take a foot when you’ve uncovered a scandalous inch. In fact, doing so is only going to make the research looks less credible. There is LESS than zero need to manufacture the kind of Paranoia Porn in this video, the cheap thrills, the miserable tone. The facts alone are enough of a creepshow. If anything, your tone should be inviting, even good-humored.

    1. I can’t imagine an “”inviting or good humored tone” either. What was said in the presentation is the hard core truth though no matter how it is stated:).

      1. Although I do think Paul raises a good point the more I think about it that people, I know as I am, are weary of. Different presentations reach a different audience perhaps; nonetheless, Kiwiki is a substantive resource and does not need embellishments.

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