Phonies on the World Stage

By: Cliff Kincaid

We have learned that Joe Biden’s “unannounced” visit to Ukraine was actually announced to the Kremlin in advance. In other words, his “historic” visit was approved by Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, playing the role of Christian statesman, Putin quoted scripture in his presidential address the other day.

Amazingly, some Americans are fooled by the rhetoric on both sides. Joe Biden is not standing up to Russia and has not shown any desire to give the people of Ukraine the weapons they need to win. His visit to Ukraine was a show, and nothing more. But Putin’s attempt to sound like a Christian statesman also falls flat.

As Fred Schwarz of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade used to say, “You can trust the communists to be communists.” 

The “sacred texts” of the Bible are now being questioned, the “former” communist and KGB operative said. The Anglican Church, he noted, “is planning, just planning, to explore the idea of a gender-neutral god. What is there to say? Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Except for the somewhat misleading headline, “The Ukraine war has drawn North Korea back into Moscow’s political orbit,” this article by Benjamin R. Young sheds more light on the communist nature of the Vladimir Putin regime in Russia. The article from North Korea News reminds us of the fact that the communist world remains united against America and that Putin still counts the North Korean communist dictator as a close ally. 

The author, Benjamin R. Young, is an Assistant Professor of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness at Virginia Commonwealth University.

“North Korea has not only rhetorically supported Moscow’s invasion but materially helped the Russian war machine in Ukraine with military assistance,” he notes.

If Putin were truly a Christian leader, he would totally disavow the communist criminals who run North Korea. Instead, he asks for their support and praises their lunatic communist dictator and his illegal nuclear weapons program He supports Iranian pursuit  of a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel. 

The author cites North Korea’s “comrades” in Moscow, an accurate term considering that Putin was a former KGB colonel. But North Korea (DPRK) never left Moscow’s political orbit. The article includes a photo of Putin singing the praises of the North Korean dictator at a state dinner in 2019. It’s one of many photos from that event distributed by the Kremlin itself.

Young writes, “Russian political philosopher Alexander Dugin, sometimes described as Vladimir Putin’s ‘brain,’ has long voiced approval for the DPRK’s ‘mode of development’ that stands in opposition to Western liberalism and globalization. And ultra-nationalist organizations and activists in Russia now openly celebrate Pyongyang’s anti-Western and militant stances.”

We were the first to document Dugin’s influence in our 2014 book, Back from the Dead: The Return of the Evil Empire.

Here in the United States, as we saw in the February 19 pro-Putin rally in D.C., the Russians have been able to manipulate conservative and libertarian groups. But on March 18, the out-of-the-closet communist groups will turn out for Putin, North Korea, and other communist states. It’s called the “National March on Washington: Peace in Ukraine – Stop NATO” demonstration.

It’s a clever strategy because Russia benefits from perceived support on the right and the left.

In reference to the March 18 event, consider the involvement of the Workers World Party, an openly Marxist-Leninist party. It has a front, the ANSWER Coalition, and supports regimes in Russia and North Korea. Yet, the FBI doesn’t monitor the group.

The much-maligned House Committee on Un-American Activities, known as HCUA, had uncovered dramatic communist infiltration of Hollywood and forced the studios to clean house. Then-Rep. Steve King (R-IA) had expressed agreement with my suggestion at that time that re-establishment of such a committee would be a good idea. “I think that is a good process and I would support it,” he said.

The HCUA was succeeded by the House Internal Security Committee, which published “The Workers World Party and Its Front Organizations” in 1974. After that, liberals forced the committee to go out of business.

Donald I. Sweany, Jr., a research analyst for the House Committee on Un-American

Activities and its successor, the House Committee on Internal Security, saw the need

for such a committee and issued this statement:

“The re-creation of the House Committee on Internal Security will provide the Congress

of the United States, Executive Branch agencies and the public with essential and actionable information concerning the dangerous and sovereignty-threatening subversive activities currently plaguing America. This subversion emulates from a host of old and new entities of Marxist/Communist revolutionary organizations and allied militant and radical groups, some of which have foreign connections. A new mandated House Committee on Internal Security is of great importance because it would once again recommend to Congress remedial legislative action to crack down on any un-American forces whose goals are to weaken and destroy the freedoms which America enjoys under the Constitution. In addition, this legislative process will provide public exposure of such subversives.”

The FBI should have been probing U.S.-based Marxist groups all along. Instead, it focused its energies on former President Trump.

To cite one example, America’s internal security has broken down to such an extent that Joe Biden, himself compromised by his son’s ties to China and Russia, nominated Lenin scholar Saule Omarova to be U.S. Comptroller of the Currency.

Even with the suffering of the people of Ukraine, and the evidence of a China-Russia-North Korea-Iran alliance against America, Biden felt the need to let Russia know in advance of his visit to the “war zone.”

It’s sad to see some supporters of Ukraine falling for this phony display of “toughness” on Biden’s part. Deep in his heart he is still committed to the “New World Order” he wrote about in the Wall Street Journal. It’s Biden, not Trump, we should be worried about in regard to Ukraine.  After all, Biden is president and his “slow-walking” of weapons to Ukraine seems designed to force the government to negotiate with Putin.

The Republicans who just traveled to Ukraine have the right approach, demanding long-range missiles and F-16 war planes for Ukraine.

Even the left-wing actor Sean Penn has been enlightened, after visiting the war zone (without Putin’s approval), saying the U.S. (i.e. Joe Biden) has to accept “a level of shame” for not helping Ukraine with weapons more quickly.

It is equally strange for me to see the commentaries and blog posts from various “conservatives” like Tucker Carlson demanding the right to keep and bear arms in America while insisting that the people of Ukraine surrender to Putin and his comrades.

Self-defense is a natural right for individuals and nations. But just like America in our Revolutionary War, the forces of freedom need the support of their friends.

Both the left and the right in America, despite the political differences, should be able to recognize the savage brutality of Putin’s communist war on Ukraine. It’s frustrating that we still have to debate this topic a year into this brutal demonstration of Putin’s communist mentality. 

Putin is even more of a phony than Joe Biden. While Biden is doing enormous damage, Putin’s real war is a serious danger that threatens the entire world.


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