Fire Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon

By: Cliff Kincaid

When CNN’s Don Lemon sounded like a sexist, the Rupert Murdoch media empire, including Fox News and the New York Post, urged his firing. Meanwhile, a Fox News personality, Tucker Carlson, who attracts New York Post journalists on his show, is being permitted to shill for Russia’s KGB dictator and denigrate the fight for freedom in Ukraine.  Tucker is doing far more damage than Lemon could ever do.

Contrast Tucker’s love affair with Putin to Joshua Jones, a 24-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee, who traveled to fight with Ukraine against the Russan invaders. “My son believed in the fight,” Joshua’s father Jeffrey Jones said. “He believed that their Russian aggression against a freedom-loving people was worth the sacrifice.”

A veteran of the U.S. Army, he was killed by the Russians and died on the battlefield of Ukraine in August of last year.

Local station ABC24 reported, “Initially joining the Norman Brigade, a group of foreign fighters fighting on the side of Ukraine, he was nicknamed ‘Tactical Jesus’ for his long hair, beard, and devout Christian faith.”

“His faith was amazing,” his mother told CNN. His remains and personal effects, including a Christian cross, were returned. Today, patches and stencils with Joshua’s image are being worn by soldiers and even being placed on captured Russian war equipment.

At a memorial service, Ukrainian Armed Forces Major Gusovskyy said about Jones, “He was a true warrior and he was exemplary and he was sure about what he was doing.”

Major Gusovskyy was interviewed by Jacqui Heinrich on Fox News on Saturday, where he paid tribute to Joshua Jones.

But the night before, Tucker Carlson was promoting the pro-Putin “Rage Against the War Machine” rally scheduled for D.C. on Sunday.  

Tucker is sounding like the Fox News version of RT or Russia Today, a “news” outlet financed by the Kremlin and called KGB-TV by its critics.

“President Putin has an alluring combination of strength with gentleness,” said Tara Reade, the guest on Tucker’s show. Several speakers at the rally have documented ties to RT.

You may remember that Reade is the woman who accused Joe Biden of a sexual assault. It turns out she is having a love affair, of a plutonic nature, with Vladimir Putin. Suddenly she has become an expert on foreign affairs. 

Fox described her appearance this way: “Author Tara Reade gives her reasoning for attending an anti-war rally in Washington, DC this weekend on Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

In fact, she went on an anti-American diatribe, denouncing U.S. imperialism, the defensive NATO alliance, and aid to Ukraine. “We want peace,” she said. “No more endless war,” she added.

Tucker nodded in agreement, saying about her perspective, “We’re proud to air it.” Her perspective – that the U.S. should ignore Russian aggression – ignores the fact that the war was started by Putin, with the first invasion launched under Barack Hussein Obama. After President Clinton negotiated a “Budapest Memorandum” that sent Ukraine’s nuclear weapons back to Moscow, in exchange for Russia’s promise to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the Russians knew they could get away with murder.

Ignoring this fact, Tucker allowed Reade to claim there was a “kill list” of opponents of aid to Ukraine that turned out to be a list of politicians, academics, and activists promoting Russian propaganda. It reportedly included former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, now a Fox News contributor.

Looking back, we can see that Donald J. Trump turned out not to be the Russian agent portrayed by his political enemies. But Tucker and other “conservatives,” such as Stephen K. Bannon, seem to be auditioning for the role. They want to abandon Ukraine.

Tragically, however, the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has demonstrated that he is not like his father. Referring to the Palestine, Ohio, nightmare, he says, “Not one more cent for Ukraine till Americans get the care that they deserve and desperately need. Enough is enough of this insanity.”

With this statement, he sounds just as stupid as Tucker. It doesn’t make any sense to punish Ukraine for the sins of the Biden Administration here at home.

The true spirit of America was exemplified by Joshua Jones, who served his country AND died for freedom in Ukraine. It reminds me of the foreign support America received, especially from France, in our successful fight for independence.

To cite another example, Poland, said to be Putin’s next target in Europe, helped the American revolution succeed. 

“The signs of this friendship stand in our nation’s capital,” President Trump declared in his speech to the Polish people. “Just steps from the White House, we’ve raised statues of men with names like Pułaski and Kościuszko.  (Applause.)  The same is true in Warsaw, where street signs carry the name of George Washington, and a monument stands to one of the world’s greatest heroes, Ronald Reagan. (Applause.)”

Polish nobleman Casimir Pulaski was a brigadier general in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. Polish freedom fighter Thaddeus Kosciuszko was a military engineer who designed fortifications during the American Revolution.

Thomas Jefferson called him “As pure a son of liberty, as I have ever known…”

One of George Washington’s famous quotes was that the new nation should avoid entangling alliances with other countries. At the same time, he realized that without the support of other nations, America would not exist.

Present-day “conservatives” like Tucker and Bannon ignore the foreign role in America’s revolution and break with the Reagan doctrine of support for anti-communist freedom fighters, while demanding that America cease its aid to the people of Ukraine. They are betraying the spirit of America.

Regarding Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson, fire them both. Let’s move on from these poor excuses for American journalism.   

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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22 thoughts on “Fire Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon

  1. All Tucker ever said is Zelenski is a crook, because he is, and our borders are meaningless to our supposed leaders while Ukraine’s borders are worthy of defending because our supposed leaders are also corrupt pieces of dog excrement – which they decidedly are. Pay attention, you Ukraine-mad dorks; that war has zero to do with Ukraine’s borders to our supposed leaders and everything to do with covering their dog-excrement covered arses.

  2. Hey Cliff Kincaid,
    Your article is BS and you are full of it. Poor misguided people like Joshua Jones made the terrible mistakes of believing the lies by the MSM about Ukraine and end dying for the wrong side and wasting their whole life away. Where these same people they fought for will never shed a real tear for any of them.
    Ukraine is the world’s 3rd most corrupt country. Control and run by the deep state and their puppets the neo Nazi government and their Nazi troops. The only reason you are seeing Biden and other in DC, Europe, EU and NATO screaming we need to help Ukraine is they don’t want the world to know what really been going on in that country and their own involvement.
    Ukraine became a major operation center for the deep state for child sex trafficking, adult slaves, drug trade, money laundering, bribes, kickbacks and so much more since the 2014 coup and the start of the fight against Russia.
    Russia already took out 47 bio weapons labs that was illegally operating there by NATO, EU and America deep state puppets and give all this info to the UN and they did nothing to this day about it. Russia rescue hundreds if not thousands of children and destroy two Adrenochrome producing plant. Yet you don’t see any of this in the MSM news just the usual lies from them.
    Russia has already won as Ukraine main army is no longer a efficient fighting force. They were taken out months ago. Its only a matter of time now.
    Since the start of this special op by Russia. They have taken out 372 Aircraft. 200 Helo’s. 2,876 UAV, 400 AA missile units, 7,495 tanks and other armor fighting vehicles. 982 MLRS. 3,820 field arty and mortars. and 8,027 special military equipment and killed or wounded over 200,000 men and this list is about a month old now since my last update.
    Add to that what left of the Ukraine regular army troops and other units are tired of being use for cannon fodder by their government. Taken out and put in positions on the front lines without any back up or resupply. Then once position their command officers take off leaving them on their own. Plus having the neo Nazi troops shooting them down in cold blood for not shooting at civilians as they are told to do or for not going out on suicidal type missions. Already whole units and individuals have deserted because of this. Over 75,000 so far and this is a old number.

  3. Holy crap, has this guy ever watched Carlson’s show? And Putin is a KGB dictator? Never heard of this Trevor Loudon but now that I do, I will studiously ignore anything he has to say. Incredibly uniformed and willing to spout Biden regime propaganda. There are already enough media hacks out there doing this.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. This is one of the most uninformed writers I have seen outside the MSM circuit. At least they give themselves away in the first couple of lines.

  4. There’s a novel concept called diplomacy. It involves differing parties negotiate to reach an equitable solution. It’s been successfully used thousands of times. Russia has legitimate issues, but should not have invaded Ukraine. At some point, short of nuclear war, both countries will reach an accord to end hostilities. The US political class using the Ukes as cannon fodder while they stuff the MIC’s pockets full of cash as well as their own, doesn’t sound equitable. “War is pleasurable to those who have not experienced it”. May the corrupt war mongers get a taste of their own medicine. DC is a greater threat to our Republic than Moscow.

  5. Those “freedom-loving” Ukrainians shut down churches, opposition parties and dissent. They shelled to death 14,000 of their own citizens and, with the help of the West, goaded Russia into this war on their borders by intentionally lying to the Russians in the Minsk Accords. Imagine our response if Canada wanted to join the old Warsaw Pact at the old Soviet Union’s behest! Tucker’s not the propagandist; look closer to home.

    1. I watched a video taken from a drone, where the drone dropped a nerve agent bomb on a Russian soldier. The bomb detonated in proximity to the soldier and the film showed the soldier having spasms and he drowned in the creek he was moving thru. Ukrainians are not the good people everyone thinks they are. At least some of them not all, are evil. Neither side is populated with choir boys IMHO.

  6. Hey, Kincaid. We all know you’re jealous of Tucker’s success. But maybe you should actually try watching his show and listening to what he says, instead of your liberal friends. Ukraine is a sham, sucking the US for money as any tin pot dictator will do. You think Zalinsky supports freedom?? You should look critically at what the man stands for.

    1. Libtards gotta lie, Marbarn. They can’t help it, it’s the way they think. Instead of critical thinking, they simply criticize anything they don’t agree with.
      nfortunately, there’s a disproportionate amount of these particular form of life in media positions. They are commonly referred to as Useful Idiots. This guy is just another example/.

  7. Nice essay. It’s been obvious for some time that nominal ‘conservatives’ are, perhaps, as easily groomed as leftists. Many are so far gone that they perceive a media nerd like Tucker as some kind of a Messiah. Most amusing for me is when they bleat ‘Why isn’t Trump backing us up on this?!’ , inevitably concluding he must be being ‘misled’ by the wrong people. It doesn’t occur to them that pro-Commie pimping is against the fundamental ethics of western conservatism.

  8. Guys like you write these stories without ever taking into consideration that everything going on in the world revolves around criminal activity, Whether committing crime or covering them up. All of you are cowards beholden to your overlords for your daily gruel. How about reporting and writing the truth for a change? If all the worlds government corruption came to light and was adjudicated you and your ilk could spend the rest of your careers covering the rebuilding of the world.


    1. Nice essay. It’s been obvious for some time that nominal ‘conservatives’ are, perhaps, as easily groomed as leftists. Many are so far gone that they perceive a media nerd like Tucker as some kind of a Messiah. Most amusing for me is when they bleat ‘Why isn’t Trump backing us up on this?!’ , inevitably concluding he must be being ‘misled’ by the wrong people. It doesn’t occur to them that pro-Commie pimping is against the fundamental ethics of western conservatism.

    2. You’ve been brainwashed by propaganda, poor whatever. Or maybe just by Tucker who you absurdly worship. You look like you’ve gone fanatic, too, with that upper case. When did you become a Putin pimping communist? Ask yourself that question. Some of us real conservatives have a lot of connections throughout Eastern Europe and we, sure as Hell, know your viewpoint is daft as they come.

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