AIM Editor on Cavuto About Media’s Focus on Trump

By: Roger Aronoff | Accuracy in Media


Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a guest on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” on October 17 on the Fox Business Network. The topic was the mainstream media’s double standard in focusing on allegations against Donald Trump while downplaying the WikiLeaks revelations regarding Hillary Clinton.

“I think this is once again evidence of what Trump is calling a rigged election,” Aronoff said on the show. “It’s the big picture [that’s] rigged, in that the media is so stacked against him and they are focusing on every allegation that is being made against him. And, as you point out, the public is much more interested—based on Google searches, anyway—in finding out the latest WikiLeaks revelations.”

Aronoff argued that the hype surrounding the WikiLeaks emails distracts from the fact that the public already has sufficient evidence to determine that Mrs. Clinton is crooked and corrupt. “And a recent Washington Post/ABC poll showed that only 33 percent find Mrs. Clinton trustworthy and honest, while 42 percent find Trump trustworthy and honest,” said Aronoff. Yet, he commented, “I’m really not sure how much we can trust the polls this year.”

“…they’re missing the point, in a way, looking for a smoking gun in the latest WikiLeaks revelations,” said Aronoff. “Because if they’re looking for smoking guns that should have disqualified Mrs. Clinton, there’s plenty of them around.”

Anyone looking to know more about Clinton can “just go back and look at [FBI Director James] Comey’s testimony and his press conference right before he announced that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute the case,” said Aronoff. “She [Hillary Clinton] handled classified information on a regular basis, on an unsecured server, including information marked classified.”

“And so this hunt for a smoking gun, in a way, is really a distraction that…benefits Mrs. Clinton because the way they keep reporting it, is they say, ‘Oh this just confirms things that we already knew about Mrs. Clinton. So, let’s move on,’” said Aronoff.

Aronoff argued on the show that this year’s polls may not be accurate because people are hesitant to openly admit that they support Trump. “I think people are afraid to acknowledge that they support Trump because they will then have to defend his actions, his comments and they don’t want to do that,” he said. “And I think they don’t trust pollsters, they don’t trust the media and we’ll see if there are enough of them that rise up on election day to overcome the rigged system and put Trump in office.”

You can watch Aronoff’s recent appearance on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” here:


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