Vaccines Are a Self-Defense Weapon Against China

By: Cliff Kincaid

Seemingly content to sit in their homes and wait for the free government money to arrive, many Americans still cower in fear over the China virus vaccines and the remote possibility of “vaccine passports.” They fear that Big Pharma will inject poisons into their systems, make them into zombies, and track them. By contrast, former President Trump has repeatedly emphasized that the vaccines developed from his Operation Warp Speed are safe and effective. Trump says, “The only way we defeat the China Virus is with our great vaccines!”

In a development strongly criticized by former President Trump, the Biden Administration temporarily suspended Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine after six women developed blood clots, out of the nearly 7 million people in the U.S. who had the shot. Trump said the suspension was not necessary and that the vaccine had an “extraordinary” track record. 

Betsy McCaughey, a former lieutenant governor of New York and health policy expert, calls the development of vaccines to stop the carnage a “miracle” and gives Trump complete credit. She writes that “Trump is responsible for producing vaccines in record time and guaranteeing that America had first dibs on the supply.”

Feeding the fear, which will accelerate after Biden’s suspension of the Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine, G. Edward Griffin, creator of Red Pill Expo, warns of “The Great Culling by Vaccine,” a reference to an alleged depopulation scheme.

Some commentators note that those found with the virus have a 99.75 percent recovery rate but this still means that the virus has claimed more than 2.9 million lives and there is no end in sight, as variants keep emerging. Some of those who survive have very strange symptoms, such as the loss of taste and smell, and hearing problems like Tinnitus.

Christian advocate Dr. James Dobson says, “The Warp Speed immunizations that are now in use offer better immune protection than what is acquired by surviving the disease…we give thanks to God for President Trump’s leadership in launching Operation Warp Speed and the many gifted people within our medical and science communities who have worked tirelessly to help the world overcome this crisis.”

Dobson specifically endorses the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. 

Some say that only by using these vaccines can we be free of the China virus and restore our nation to economic, military, and spiritual health.

While reasonable people acknowledge that Big Pharma has produced many life-saving drugs and vaccines that make our lives better, on the matter of China virus vaccines there is suddenly instant dread on the part of some former Trump supporters.

I opposed questionable vaccines when I ran the Committee to Protect Medical Freedom. But the China virus is such a threat that any and all measures, including revolutionary mRNA vaccines, must be taken to protect ourselves.

The answer is not to live in isolation like Ted Kaczynski and get angry at the world around you.

I have been researching Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber serving life in federal prison, because of my discovery of Luddite thinking among some opponents of China virus vaccines. Some of these people are also paranoid about 5G technology, digital currencies, artificial intelligence, cell phones and Zoom technology.

The Harvard-educated Kaczynski was an evil genius who wrote “Industrial Society and Its Future,” which was published in the Washington Post in 1995 to help the FBI locate the anarchist zealot. It worked. He was arrested and convicted of murder.

His targets were leaders in science, technology, and industry. He killed three and injured many more. One of the injured victims was David Gelernter, a computer scientist and conservative intellectual who would later write a book about the evil nature of the Unabomber and his philosophy.

A 2018 documentary, “Unabomber – In His Own Words,” describes Kaczynski’s admiration for a French anarchist named Jacques Ellul, sympathy for the eco-terrorist movement, and favorable comments about Muslim terrorists waging war on Western society.

Although Kaczynski was critical of “leftism,” he was a self-declared revolutionary and opponent of capitalism and industrial development. That makes him into what Marxists call an “ecological socialist.” He was himself a victim of Cultural Marxism, leaving what he described as a “stinking family” behind to live alone in a small Montana cabin with no electricity or running water where he constructed his bombs. His bombing campaign continued for 18 years.

Sadly, the modern-day Luddite escaped the death penalty and still spews his venom from a secure federal prison cell, where he inspires Earth First radicals, eco-socialists, and anti-technology activists. A book of his “collected writings” on environmental issues was published in 2010, but his influence can also be seen in the activities of the Green New Deal approach to running America.

A modern example of environmental thinking can be found in Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, who has made it clear that her love of Mother Earth will take precedence over Americans using oil and gas resources on federal lands.

Our enemies in China, Russia, and Iran are not bound by the odd-ball thinking of people like Ted Kaczynski or Deb Haaland. They will exploit every resource and develop every technology necessary to bury the United States.

Rather than think we can survive in a cave or a log cabin somewhere, we have to make sure technology is harnessed for the benefit of the American people. That’s especially true of military technology. The Center for Security Policy warns that the Chinese Communist Party wants to be the dominant military power on Earth by 2049 and the dominant terrestrial power in space.

In order to safeguard our security, we have to stay alive in the face of the threat posed by the China virus and its variants.

* Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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