Lies, Fraud, And Computer Glitches

By: Cliff Kincaid

Despite the fake news reports, Joe Biden has not yet been certified as president. The official certification of results has to take place in every state. Legislatures can reject the Biden “victory” on the basis of fraud.

It’s “President-elect Joe Biden,” says NBC’s Lester Holt, even though he has not been certified under the Constitution as the winner. All of this is based on a questionable “projection.” It’s non-stop propaganda that somehow doesn’t get flagged by Twitter or YouTube as dubious.

The fraud is evident to anyone following the election returns. As Catholic writer Vic Biorseth notes, “We saw Trump winning handily in all of the swing states, until he hit 95 percent or so at about 1:00 PM EST, when, as if on a signal, every one of the swing states stopped counting for three hours with no explanation of why they stopped.”

Was that signal related to “glitches” in computer voting that gave thousands of Trump votes to Biden? On the Lou Dobbs Fox show on Friday, constitutional attorney Sidney Powell described how special computer programs developed by U.S. intelligence agencies can be used to hack into voting machines and steal or alter votes.

Powell, attorney for Russia-gate victim Michael T. Flynn, said, “They need to investigate the likelihood that 3 percent of the vote total was changed in the pre-election voting ballots that were collected digitally by using the Hammer program and the software program called Scorecard. That would have amounted to a massive change in the vote that would have gone across the country and explains a lot of what we’re seeing.”

She added, “In addition, they ran an algorithm to calculate votes that they might need to come up with Mr. Biden in specific areas. It happened in Michigan where the computer glitch resulted in a change in votes of about 5,500 in favor of President Trump just in one of 47 districts. All of those districts need to be checked for that same QUOTE software glitch END QUOTE that would change the vote for Michigan dramatically. The same thing is happening in other states. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of ballots mysteriously appear solely for Mr. Biden which is statistically impossible as a matter of mathematics. It can all be documented.”

Originally developed by the NSA as the “Hammer” project to monitor terrorist communications, it was acquired by the CIA under the Obama Administration and spawned an application called “Scorecard” to hack into and alter voting systems. Much of the research into this has been provided by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones at the American Report website.

On the Stephen K. Bannon show, before the election, retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney predicted it would be used to take votes away from Trump. He also discussed it on the Brannon Howse radio show.

All of this helps us understand why more than 200 former military leaders put their names on an open letter to President Trump before the election, endorsing him and warning that the Democratic Party was becoming a home “to socialists and Marxists” and threatening “our historic way of life.” McInerney was a signer.

It appears that, in addition to using Big Tech to censor opposition to this emerging Marxist state, the intelligence agencies are using their own version of Big Tech to make sure Biden “won.”

Here are just a few of the false claims sent out on Saturday, November 7, by the media and left-wing special interest groups. None were censored by Twitter, even though Ben is not “officially” the president:

  • President-elect Joe Biden!
  • Joe Biden Declared Winner of 2020 Presidential Election
  • Black People Defeated Trump
  • BREAKING: AP, Fox News Declare Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump Even as Lawsuits Ramp Up
  • Biden WINS!
  • Joe Biden will be our next President
  • Joe Biden will be our next Commander-in-Chief
  • It’s Official: Joe Biden has won the election.

Of course, there is nothing “official” about it.

Why do these people send out these lies? They do so for the same reason suppression polls showing huge Biden margins prior to the election were released – to demoralize Trump supporters.

But Trump’s people are not giving up. This is “high noon,” says one Trump supporter. He encourages people to write Trump a direct note of strong encouragement to fight until the last legitimate vote is counted. Write to him using this contact form.

A movement called #StopTheSteal is taking off. Janet Levy reports a “Stop the Steal” crowd in Beverly Hills “was pumped up to defend the Constitution and fight for a Trump victory.”

Others are joining one of Trump’s Coalitions here. You can volunteer here. A pro-Trump march on the White House is being talked about.

President Trump notes, “Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor. In Pennsylvania, for example, our legal observers were not permitted meaningful access to watch the counting process.”

Indeed, pending legal actions involve challenging mail-in ballots that were counted without Republican poll watchers onsite. That makes those ballots illegal. Attorney David Evans has documented how this happened in Detroit, Michigan.

Evans reports, in part: “We made repeated requests to have the waiting challengers be allowed in the room to do their jobs and we were ignored. The one time they came to the door they were arrogant and dismissive. They placed cardboard on the windows so we could not see into the room.”

What’s more, he says, “The Democrats placed rather unusual looking ‘police officers’ to bar the door. I say unusual because their uniforms were not consistent. Some did not have badges and some were not well-groomed.”

For his part, Trump is brimming with confidence, noting that Biden is “rushing to falsely pose as the winner…” While Biden has the media, Big Tech, and the CIA in his corner, Trump has the Constitution, the law, and the people.

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  1. In North Carolina, the DEMONocrat governor, Roy Cooper told Biden that he would “drag him across the finish line”. These people are despicable- every one of them.

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