7 thoughts on “How 57,000 Communists and Socialists are Taking over the Democratic Party

  1. In free prosperous low tax society the number of people needing help would be more like 3 to 5%. This would be handled far more generously and compassionately by networks of private charities. Down with the welfare state. Onward to the benevolent society.

  2. Those who cannot prosper under freedom due to lack of talent or commitment will grasp at anything offered for free.

  3. I grew up watching people being killed as they tried to escape Communism. When I heard it said Communism was trying to infiltrate I felt that was ridiculous. Who would want to have an awful system like Communism? The people weren’t free to travel. they stood in line for groceries and couldn’t read whatever they wanted. Venezuelala anyone? A joke or delusion? Sure wish I could understand.

  4. This is the big picture of what a One-World Order, that is, a One-World Government of course. Thankfully the church will be gone before all of this happens!!!!!

  5. Am I surprised? No. The conduct of Democrats and some Republicans have lead me to believe we are experencing a Communist attack on our government and world. Being a follower of Christ and Bible prophecy from the Book of Revelation and other books, this is shaping up to be the End Times. Am I frightened? No, I and my whole family are born again Christians. PTL!

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