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AG Barr To Designate 3 U.S. Cities As ‘Anarchist Jurisdictions’

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Primer: The Department of Justice has a duty to protect America and to apply laws and remedies where called for….

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When Iran Buys Arms, Tanks And Air Defense Systems, Blame Europe

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Primer: The 3rd Khordad system, which is based on the Russian S-300 and shot down a U.S. sophisticated large Global Hawk…

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Cruz Says Fill RBG SCOTUS Seat Now. Yes, He Should – With Ted Cruz

By: Daniel John Sobieski When President Trump recently added Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz to his shortlist for Supreme Court nominees, he did not know…

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Make Unborn Babies Great Again

By: Cliff Kincaid President Trump said on Monday that he would nominate a justice with “high moral values.” That means someone who believes in the…

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A Win For Freedom Of Speech Against Islamist “Cancel Culture”

By: Steve Emerson | CCNS Long before the term “cancel culture” was ever coined, Islamist groups in the United States and elsewhere in the West had…

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