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AMP Leader Abuirshaid Gushes Over Latest Meeting With Hamas-Supporting Erdogan

By: Steve Emerson | CCNS He’s a saber-rattling authoritarian who jails journalists and opponents, threatens neighbors, and wants to rebuild an Islamist empire. But to Osama Abuirshaid, executive director of the anti-Israel group American Muslims for Palestine, Turkey’s…

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Gen. Tom McInerney On Durham, The Pandemic, And The Upcoming Election

By: Citizens Commission on National Security Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney (Ret.) with Audrey Russo of REELTalk with an update on the John Durham investigation, the truth…

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California Schools Kowtow To Black Lives Matter’s Marxist Agenda

By: Clare Lopez | CCNS A glance at the hatred being force-fed to American kids. The fall semester has just begun in California. It’s pretty much…

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