John Lewis And The “Spiritual Children” Of Communism

By: Cliff Kincaid

President Trump is running out of time to save his presidency. The last thing he wants to do is go down in history as the last Republican president, followed by a socialist one-party state. But these are the stakes, as he replaces his campaign manager, a move that reflects his desperation as the November 3 election approaches.

The Washington Examiner says this effectively means that Trump’s liberal son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is in charge. The paper said, “The president’s senior adviser and son-in-law have attracted the ire of the more conservative wings and the Bannonite, America First cadre of the Trump coalition. They believe he has dragged the president into more liberal positions — pushing through criminal justice reform, for example — while failing to understand the base of ‘deplorables’ who elected Trump in 2016.”

Kushner was a former business partner with George Soros and brought “former” communist Van Jones into the White House to work on “criminal justice reform” and “police reform.” Jones, who had been deeply involved in a Marxist group, Standing Together To Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), had resigned under fire from his White House job in the Obama Administration.

The new “official” Trump campaign manager is Bill Stepien, whose dubious credentials include serving as the national director for John McCain’s failed 2008 presidential campaign. McCain lost to Barack Hussein Obama because he failed to expose Obama’s Marxist and Muslim sympathies.

Joe Biden’s handlers, including Obama, are growing more radical, now proposing to abolish “shareholder capitalism” and “transform” the nation. Analyst Kevin Freeman says about Biden’s call for transformation, an echo of what Obama promised, that “It is a full-on dog-whistle of intention for progressive leftists (aka Marxist Revolutionaries).” He adds, “This is not a mindless statement from a benign old man facing dementia. This is the sole and entire purpose of the left and the intent goes far beyond simply minor course corrections in policy.”

This is the kind of analysis that Trump needs to hear. But many are skeptical that Kushner or Stepien will provide it – or that Trump will act on it. Some cite Trump’s reluctance to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci for his contradictory, misleading, and deadly advice about the coronavirus.

How the China virus has become a vehicle for socialism has been revealed by the South African Communist Party, in the new issue of their journal, African Communist, in an article about exercising total government control over peoples’ lives. The title is, “We welcome decisive state power on Covid-19!”

The South African Communists, who rule South Africa through a coalition government led by the African National Congress, make some important observations, such as that the coronavirus gives the state the ability “to restrict travel and other personal freedoms, and still receive widespread social support…”

Under these circumstances, the communists argue, state power can be used to intervene actively in other areas of human life, such as taking direct ownership of various industries.

Here, the virus provides the springboard for what Obama and now Biden are calling the “transformation” of the United States and what is articulated in the “Biden-Sanders Unity Taskforce Recommendations.” It’s an open alliance with socialists and communists, the same kind of coalition ruling South Africa today.  Not surprisingly, former CPUSA official Angela Davis says she’s backing Biden because he “can be most effectively pressured” by the left. (Interestingly, she made these statements on Russia Today television).

She explained, “Biden is far more likely to take mass [i.e. communist] demands seriously — far more likely — than the current occupant of the White House.” She added, “…we will have to campaign for and vote for Biden.”

At this critical point in history, it’s important to understand how and why John Lewis is being transformed into a “civil rights icon,” even by conservative pundits, and what this means for the election campaign.

Although his civil rights activism gets the attention, he came under the influence of revolutionary forces when he wrote a 1965 article for the publication Freedomways that was entitled, “Paul Robeson: Inspirer of Youth.” It was about the famous black actor and singer who had been a member of the Communist Party USA and admirer of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

“He [Robeson] talked and listened to the representatives of the Communist Party,” wrote Lewis, then national chairman of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). “In many ways,” he wrote, “we of SNCC are Paul Robeson’s spiritual children.”

Freedomways, which was influential in the black community for decades, was subsidized by the Soviet and Chinese Communist Parties.

Former CPUSA official Manning Johnson testified in 1949 that he saw Robeson “a number of times in the headquarters” of the CPUSA and that Robeson was, in fact, a party member. Johnson said Robeson wanted to be “the Black Stalin among Negroes.” Johnson testified, “Paul’s assignment was to work among the intellectuals, the professionals, and artists that the party was seeking to penetrate and influence along Communist lines.”

Freedomways, the communists, and their fellow-travelers continued to make inroads in the black community.

It was Lewis, citing bogus claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election, who said that he didn’t see the election of Donald Trump to be “legitimate” and that he would be skipping the presidential inauguration. Before that, Lewis and his Congressional Black Caucus colleagues had claimed in 2010 the N-word had been “shouted” at him by Tea Party members when no camera recorded anything of the sort. Andrew Breitbart had promised $100,000 to anyone who could prove the epithets had been used.

Until Trump and his aides are ready to tell the complete truth about those posing as crusaders for “social justice,” we will not fully understand how black Americans are being deceived and manipulated into being shock troops for the communist revolution now underway in America.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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2 thoughts on “John Lewis And The “Spiritual Children” Of Communism

  1. Well, if Kushner is one of Soros’ buddies- I guess we can kiss our country goodbye. Like I have been saying- the swamp is deeper and wider than people realize.

  2. This is and was a losing battle since the election of ’16. Face it, Trump is just a talker others are in charge and always were starting with his son-in-law Kushner.
    Now he hires another loser in Rove. These and his bad judgment in his past hires in the past show alone show his leadership ineptitude from day one. And the band plays on.
    Nice reading our brothers in arms for the past years, but it all over for now.
    The only hope now would be a massive turnout of conservatives, but the last midterm election said a lot about them.
    Goodnight sweet prince alas and alack our time is naught and we put up the good fight bid you a last goodbye.

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