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Law Enforcement Surveillance Of BLM/Protests Goes Tech AI

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Meet Dataminr, the leading artificial intelligence platform for real-time events and risk detection. In a world characterized by unexpected and rapidly…

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Gorsuch At SCOTUS – Give Up The State Of Oklahoma?

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code So many news reports on the recent decisions of the Supreme Court as the session came to a close weren’t…

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All Lies Matter

By: Tabitha Korol This is my fifth review of a children’s propagandist library book.  “Tasting the Sky” described Barakat’s childhood.  “Balcony on the Moon” covers…

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A Conservative Senator With Guts

By: Cliff Kincaid This is a story of two women. One, Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, denounced Black Lives Matter (BLM) as the Marxist organization…

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Shameless Mueller, Romney Cast First “STONE” At Trump For Commutation

By: Daniel John Sobieski The best thing that can be said about Willard Mitt Romney, the future one-term RINO Senator from Utah, is that he…

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Get Ready For The “Rainbow Nation” Of America

By: Cliff Kincaid It’s “Nelson Mandela International Day,” designated as such by the United Nations, on July 18. Look for Nelson Mandela statues to be erected in…

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