What’s Wrong with These Pictures, Our Facebook Censor?

By: Arlen Williams | Gulag Bound

Roughly three years ago, Facebook utterly banned and “disappeared,” the page there for Gulag Bound’s cousin, the site, Noisy Room, run by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton. Gone. There one moment, utterly nothing the next, all history of it tossed down the memory hole.

Do you think you read something there that was important for keeping you free? Prove it!

And now for complaining, we’re going to store your own mobile phone number by which you may of course be tracked, your email address, and your digitized facial signature… in our… s p e c i a l… f i l e s… to be shared with… certain people in certain operations… (which are a part of our overall organization, designated as such just to make it legal, or at least that’s all we’re going to let you know).

Now, look what is happening at our page there, We are Gulag Bound. Seems we have been banished to the Siberian mines.

Wednesday, May 20

(Linked item here.) I shared the above article to numerous Christian and patriot groups. Then after a few minutes, I came back and this is what I found. “Boost Unavailable” (I wouldn’t even be able to pay to spread the news). No shares to groups or any personal pages are indicated, by us or by others, though they may or may not remain.

Wednesday, May 20 and Tuesday, May 19

(Linked item here.) And this post, called “spam,” was also shared with a handful of sites and well received… except for whomever may have been lurking and flagging it. Since I share some of the posts from the We are Gulag Bound page to groups at times, I can pretty well say, it wasn’t the numbers that made it “spam,” but the subject matter.

That was a Globe and Malevolence edition the lead article of which seems objectionable to Facebook, a somewhat aggressively titled piece of valid and very important journalism: “Trump Setting the Stage for Wartime Retaliation Against Communist China Regime for Launching Biological Warfare Attack Against the United States,” by the publisher and editor in chief of Natural News, Mike Adams.

(As always, if you haven’t subscribed to the complementary emails of the Globe & Malevolence, into which a great deal of time is freely invested, I heartily suggest you reward yourself for our efforts: see upper right corner. It can help you keep tabs of important foreign and domestic events and underlying issues, which may otherwise slip through the cracks, even after hours of your time surfing and digging.)

Just think, what if we lived in a nation where Facebook, Google, Twitter, and the like were the only means we had, for using the World Wide Web?

Would it be like… living in Communist China? — one of their very largest customers and prospectively, the largest of all? That is where we are going, in America and the world, as these transnational entities grow in power. It’s almost as if we are all… we were all… gulag bound.

A suggestion for this problem, or crisis if you gain, was recently published here, entitled, “What COVID-19’s Pandemic Revealed: a Morally Bankrupt Culture,” written by Charles Hugh Smith. His observation and solution:

The greatest monopolist of early modern capitalism, John D. Rockefeller, struggled his entire life to reconcile his Christian values with the evils of his monopoly. He never fully succeeded, of course, ultimately using self-serving justifications of the “good” he’d done by stabilizing erratic markets and selling predictably priced oil products to the public (at prices fixed by his monopoly).

In effect, Rockefeller was praising the model of a public utility: an entity that is regulated to serve the public with essential products and services at a fair and stable price.

This is why I’ve proposed turning Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, et al. into public utilities via regulations that make it illegal to 1) collect users’ data and 2) sell the data. Each quasi-monopoly should be broken into competing pieces that cannot buy other pieces or pieces of other quasi-monopolies, or buy back their own shares.

Monopolies and cartels are evil because they are exploitive by their very nature. This is why the political system imposed anti-trust legislation in the early 20th century. And this is why technocrat apologists spew endless sophistries aimed at persuading us that these Big Tech monopolies aren’t actually monopolies and therefore anti-trust doesn’t apply to them. Their frantic efforts only confirm the truth: Big Tech monopolies are in fact monopolies, and therefore they are evil.

Public utilities are ultimately accountable to voters and taxpayers. Predatory private monopolies are only accountable to their predatory, parasitic owners, a truth that their immense armies of technocrat apologists, lackeys and apparatchiks attempt to obscure.

Monopolies, quasi-monopolies and cartels are inherently exploitive and thus evil, and so everyone profiting from these evils is also evil. Yes, “shareholder value” derived from monopolies, quasi-monopolies and cartels is evil. No denial, no excuses. The karmic consequences– let’s call them moral dividends–are being readied for delivery. Professing ignorance or sainthood won’t stop or even delay the delivery. The Devil is chuckling at your deliciously ironic (now long departed) slogan, “don’t be evil.”

Dear shareholders and monopolists: the banquet of consequences is being served. Don’t choke on the cold serving of karma.

Others with concerns along these lines include Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, many in the Freedom Caucus of the House, and a very media savvy fellow in the White House, whom we know and so increasingly love.

My suggestion: keep tabs on the information oligarchs, record their injustices and share them with others, including through their own media, especially through the November 3rd General Election (which patriots must win, in all three arenas, and in state elections too). Then, tell our hires in Washington old and new, we need them to get down to business, anti-trust and anti-Marxofascist-tryst.


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2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with These Pictures, Our Facebook Censor?

  1. You know who else stands up for the technocrats, monopolies, and cartels? I probably shouldn’t say this , but Rush Limbaugh. Over the years he has said many positive things about these technocrats and nothing negative. I’ve always wondered about this.

  2. How sad to not see comments, if you have read this please pass along the truth.
    You must find and read about that little tyrant Fauci.

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