No, hate crimes have NOT ‘intensified’ since Trump’s election

Screenshot from ABC News Report (red commentary added)
Screenshot from ABC News Report (red commentary added)

One of the many lies stemming from the mainstream media in the wake of Donald Trump’s election is that hate crimes have increased. The source of this ridiculous whopper is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), whose embarrassingly biased reports from partisan hacks are reflective of the mainstream “news” outlets that cite the group as a legitimate source.

Any reasonable journalist can take the most cursory of glances at the silly report to see at best, that it is not a valid source. The “hateful intimidation and harassment” cited by the SPLC are, of course, not listed and therefore cannot be subject to scrutiny.  This information, according to SPLC, was “collected through news reports, social media, and direct submissions via SPLC’s #ReportHate page” and is “largely anecdotal.”

The phrase “largely anecdotal” should be a clue for mainstream media sources reporting about the so-called spike in hate crimes.

Watch the following “news” segment, which is based on the fake report from the SPLC:

The New York Times, who recently pledged to be more honest or something, reported that “attacks against American Muslims surged last year” citing the FBI (which leads to a broken link at the time of this writing) and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which immediately makes their entire article suspect:

“Since the election, hate crime monitors like the Southern Poverty Law Center have reported a rash of verbal or physical abuse targeting minorities and others at schools, mosques and elsewhere.”

There is no evidence. There is no due process. There are no convictions. Yet the mainstream media has been parroting the lie that hate crimes have increased since Donald Trump’s election.

Mainstream journalists have resources. They have money, they have numerous researchers and they have a massive platform. Yet, these same organizations do not bother to use their vast resources to inform Americans of the truth about the SPLC’s fake report. This is why they have lost the trust of the American people.

Last year, the SPLC had an “operating budget” of over $35 million dollars. They have an endowment fund of over $300 million dollars.

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