Democrats Counter-Proposal For Covid Stimulus Spending

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

The disgusting political pork, poison politics of the left are on full display. If for nothing else, we have learned another level of the nasty appropriations injected into crisis spending. This should never be overlooked or forgotten as we go to vote.

If you can stand to read the Democrats 1119 page fleecing of the taxpayer, click here.

If not, here is the Cliff note list which is hardly all of the items, but you get the idea:

  • $33,200,000 for NOAA to get new facilities for operations and research.
  • $100,000,000 for NASA and $100,000,000 for construction and compliance.
  • $278,000,000 to the IRS for taxpayer services.
  • $90,000,000 for yet another HIV program.
  • $36,000,000 for the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.
  • $7,000,000 for one, ONE Washington DC Charter School called Gallaudet University.
  • $23,000,000 handout to Howard University AND $647,000,000 endowment to Howard University.
  • $300,000,000 to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
  • $500,000,000 for the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
  • $1,000,000 for the Senate Sergeant at Arms and the Doorkeeper of the Senate.
  • $300,000,000 for Migration and Refugee Assistance.
  • $22,000,000 for the Expansion of Use of Minority Banks and Minority Credit Unions.
  • $300,000,000 to Expand Emergency Food Assistance Programs.
  • $40,000,000 for a new division, the Oversight and Accountability Transparency Committee dedicated to coronavirus.
  • $35,000,000 for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
  • $300,000,000 to the National Endowment of the Arts.
  • $300,000,000 for the National Endowment of the Humanities.

Add in the following as noted by Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas):

  • Removing all current debt of the US Postal Service.
  • Monies for more REQUIRED early voting, same-day voter registration AND registering to vote abilities via Internet registration.
  • Removing off the top $10,000 for every person holding a student loan.
  • Any U.S. corporation accepting Federal government assistance must have 1/3 of their board members chosen by their own employees.
  • Additional provisions for official time for union collective bargaining.
  • The full offset of airline emissions by 2025.
  • Each airline flight must report greenhouse gas statistics (carbon output) of individual flights.
  • Retirement benefits for community newspaper employees.
  • Any and all corporations accepting federal government assistance must pay all employees a minimum wage of $15/hr.
  • Permanent paid leave for all corporations receiving federal assistance.
  • Expansion of wind and solar tax credits.
  • Election Assistance Commission.

Now understand how the items referring to domestic corporations is actually a quid pro quo or rather extortion or rather nationalizing corporations in America.

Now this list, while being somewhat abbreviated, is not something just recently concocted by Democrats for this pending spending bill… consider these are items that have been sitting on the wish list for quite some time and these items are just like those that get injected into spending legislation all the time at the last minute when members of Congress get 30 minutes or less to read bills before they vote.

For those in the many domestic industries affected by being shuttered due to governor decrees, remember the hold up in financial stability, jobs and loans sit squarely in the lap of the Democrats led completely by the master legislator… Speaker Nancy Pelosi, third in line to the presidency. Scary… no terrifying.


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