Go Idaho!

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While all eyes were on Wisconsin and Ohio the Idaho legislature passed a bill to limit Collective Bargaining for Unionized Teachers. The bill cleared its final vote in the State Senate and is expected to be signed by Idaho’s Governer. Thus is would appeaer that either Idaho or Ohio will become the first state in recent years to limit public sector Union Power. This vote should give momentum to the union reform movement in Ohio, Florida, Tennesse and perhaps even Wisconsin. The vote was not even close with a 48-22 final tally. The bill limits seniority as a sole factor in determining layoffs and limits contract terms to one year. As usual, the debate was accompanied by some pretty ugly scenes from the Unions:

America will be saved by the heartlanders.


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1 thought on “Go Idaho!

  1. Don't let them get away with their labeling these necessary austerity measures as union busting. What is happening is a taxpayer revolt and the dismantling of communism.

    Never forget that organized labor (unions) IS communism; "workers of the world-unite"; "DICTATORSHIP of the proletariat"; etc. The key word here is DICTATORSHIP.

    The labor union movement in the US, which spawned the democrat party, was organized by the American communist party under the direction of the mother Soviet communist party in 1924.

    The DFL is errecting the finishing touches of a DICTATORSHIP of the proletariat.

    Do we want a dictatorship to repalace our American liberties?

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