Global Climate Strike: Students Push Green Communism

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

Tomorrow, thousands of students across the United States will stage a massive walkout from their schools in the name of human-caused global warming. The name of the protest is the U.S. Youth Climate Strike. The roots of this young green and red communism start with socialist radicals in Europe.

Most rational adults know that the climate change farce is just a load of crap. It’s called ‘weather’. Even the co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, says it is a load of bullcrap. There are many credible scientists who disparage it as well.

The environmental Marxists have gotten their hands on our children and we have allowed it to happen. They may claim to be ‘green’ in nature, but scratch the surface just a little and you will see they are ‘red’ to the core. As in communism.

In my opinion, Al Gore is one of the most dangerous men on the planet. He knows what he is peddling is a lie. He does it to garner ever more power and wealth. It is the ultimate Ponzi scheme pushed by puppets such as Socialist Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Haven’t you heard? Green is the new red. David Hogg and Ilhan Omar are both pushing the event. Any questions?

Karl Marx viewed environmentalism as a way to push and implement communism. He was right and it is what the left is doing today.

Brian Sussman at WND quotes Marx’s “Das Kapital”:

“… all progress in capitalistic agriculture is a progress in the art, not only of robbing the laborer but of robbing the soil; all progress in increasing the fertility of the soil for a given time, is a progress towards ruining the lasting sources of that fertility. The more a country starts its development on the foundation of modern industry, like the United States, for example, the more rapid is this process of destruction.”

What is old is new again. Just as Marx saw capitalism as unjust, the use of natural resources for profit immoral and the human population something that must be controlled, the millennial and Generation Z acolytes of climate change see it the same way.

An entire generation and more here in America has literally been brainwashed into worshipping Gaia and so-called climate change. Our universities, high schools, and even grade schools are nothing more than Marxist incubators these days. The communists didn’t hide it in the least… Americans just couldn’t be bothered to stop them. And all it cost us were our children, our country, and our freedoms.

The global student movement was inspired by 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg’s weekly school strikes in Sweden and other European countries. Now, they are here.

From Vice:

It’s a bright and chilly Friday and 13-year-old Alexandria Villasenor has been sitting in 40-degree cold for two and a half hours. The seventh-grader has come to the United Nations in Manhattan every Friday for 11 weeks, including during the polar vortex that hit the city a month ago, to protest climate inaction, a vigil that has earned her an enormous amount of attention.

She had made her first TV appearance earlier in the morning at CBS News studios before heading into a special briefing with the UN about participating in the upcoming Climate Change Summit. Later, she was greeted at her regular picketing spot by more press, including VICE, New York’s WPIX 11, and a Belgian TV crew. By noon,National Geographic had shown up with her lunch in tow (a sandwich and hot cocoa). It’s a lot to take in, but the soft-spoken teenager has carried herself surprisingly well. She is visibly cold—dressed for TV rather than her usual thick ski attire—but continues to answer questions and take camera cues from the news crew cheerily. In between, she chats with supportive passersby about the climate crisis, acting as a gentle yet striking reminder of our declining planet.

Villasenor is part of a rising generation of climate change activists, many still too young to vote, who are taking the growing climate crisis into their own hands. In recent years teens have sued the federal government for failing to act on climate change, young activists have staged sit-ins to pressure both Democrats and Republicans on the issue, and 29-year-old lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the frontwoman for the ambitious Green New Deal proposal. The latest public-facing project from this movement is Youth Climate Strike US (YCSUS) a group devoted to organizing a national school walkout on March 15 in support of the Green New Deal and other climate change-combatting measures. Since its launch last month, YCSUS has recruited more than 300 local organizers involved in daily operations across 34 states. So far, it’s fundraised $9,000 through its GoFundMe account, website donations, and merchandise sales, which will go toward costs for permits and other equipment needed for the individual marches.

What’s most notable about YCSUS is its leadership—besides Villasenor, its cofounders are 16-year-old Isra Hirsi and 12-year-old Haven Coleman. They’re following in the footsteps of 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who began sitting in front of parliament to protest the Swedish government’s inaction on climate change in August. The movement has since spawned strikes by youthin nations including the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, and Australia, and will soon be followed by more in other countries.

Propaganda is endemic now in the US. The fascist environmentalists are the new elite class. Many are those who got incredibly wealthy as capitalists and now push Marxism/socialism/communism to limit those who also want to become wealthy. Call it the ‘green caste system’ if you will.

More from WND:

It’s all directly from a dangerous playbook written by Karl Marx and his early followers.

Theirs is an amoral system in which there is no room for absolute truth, only relativism, lest they be forced to acknowledge a divine being who has an absolute rule of law, which would force them to throw out their dogma, or else move forward filled with guilt about their waywardness.

Leaders of this green movement believe that they should have the power to define all societal morality, rules, and laws subject to their goals. Hence, the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as recognized by America’s founders are viewed as absurd, because an imaginary God cannot declare rights.

This radical crowd believes that all so-called “rights” be issued by the government in the form of laws.

And, just as a law can be issued by the government, so shall it be taken away by that government should those who rule deem it necessary.

This is the thought process of those leaders such as Woodrow Wilson and FDR who shoved their Marxist policies and entitlement programs down America’s throat and she is now gagging on them. This is ‘Atlas Shrugged’ come to life.

The movement has worldwide support from scientists and labor unions which should tell you all you need to know about the communist element here. Over 300 scientists have called for the youth march tomorrow. They instigate from France, Belgium, and Sweden. The protests will play out across 38 nations. Violence is a very real possibility here.

From the young radicals who have authored and started the protest – it’s no surprise their announcement is promoted on an anti-nuclear site:

Adults won’t take climate change seriously. So we, the youth, are forced to strike.

We, the youth of America, are fed up with decades of inaction on climate change. On Friday, March 15, young people like us across the United States will strike from school. We strike to bring attention to the millions of our generation who will most suffer the consequences of increased global temperatures, rising seas, and extreme weather. But this isn’t a message only to America. It’s a message from the world, to the world, as students in dozens of countries on every continent will be striking together for the first time.

For decades, the fossil fuel industry has pumped greenhouse gas emissions into our atmosphere. Thirty years ago, climate scientist James Hansen warned Congress about climate change. Now, according to the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on global temperature rise, we have only 11 years to prevent even worse effects of climate change. And that is why we strike.

We strike to support the Green New Deal. Outrage has swept across the United States over the proposed legislation. Some balk at the cost of transitioning the country to renewable energy, while others recognize its far greater benefit to society as a whole. The Green New Deal is an investment in our future—and the future of generations beyond us—that will provide jobs, critical new infrastructure and most importantly, the drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions essential to limit global warming. And that is why we strike.

To many people, the Green New Deal seems like a radical, dangerous idea. That same sentiment was felt in 1933, when Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed the New Deal—a drastic piece of legislation credited with ending the Great Depression that threatened (and cost) many lives in this country. Robber-barons, ordinary citizens, and many in between were enraged by the policies enacted by the New Deal. But looking back at how it changed the United States, it’s impossible to ignore that the New Deal brought an end to the worst economic disaster in history by creating fundamental programs like Social Security and establishing new regulatory agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Works Progress Administration mobilized workers across the nation to build important infrastructure—including thousands of schools—that has improved Americans’ everyday life for generations.

Change is always difficult, but it shouldn’t be feared or shied away from. Even for its detractors, Roosevelt’s New Deal ended up working out quite well. The United States led the world’s economy throughout the many decades since. The changes proposed in the Green New Deal will help ensure our entire species has the opportunity to thrive in the decades (and centuries) to come. As the original New Deal was to the declining US economy, the Green New Deal is to our changing climate. And that is why we strike.

The popular arguments against the Green New Deal include preposterous claims that it will ban airplanes, burgers, and cow flatulence—claims that are spread even by some of the most powerful leaders in our nation like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Although these outlandish claims are clearly false, they reveal a larger truth apparent in the American, and world, populations: Instead of taking action on the imminent threat of climate change, our leaders play political games. Because adults won’t take our future seriously, we, the youth, are forced to. And that is why we strike.

The alarming symptoms of Climate Denialism—a serious condition affecting both the hallways of government and the general population—mark our current historical crossroads of make-it-or-break-it action on climate change. Although there are many reasons for this affliction—such as difficulty grasping the abstract concept of a globally changedclimate, or paralysis in the face of overwhelming environmental catastrophe—the primary mode of Climate Denialism contagion involves lies spouted by politicians, large corporations, and interest groups. People in power, like Senator McConnell and the Koch brothers, have used money and power to strategically shift the narrative on climate change and spread lies that allow themselves and other fossil fuel industry beneficiaries to keep the fortunes they’ve built on burning fossil fuels and degrading the environment.

The current US president is a rabid climate change denier himself. President Trump pulled out of the historic Paris Agreement and repeatedly tweets about weather phenomena that he claims somehow disprove the existence of climate change – despite the fact that his own administration has reported the facts of climate change and its impact on the United States.

We are also concerned that top Democrats demonstrate their own lack of urgency about the existential threat of climate change. California senator Dianne Feinstein’s recent dismissal of a group of schoolchildren visiting her office to beg her support for the Green New Deal was very disturbing for us young people. Feinstein will not have to face the consequences of her inaction on climate change. She suggested that the children one day run for the Senate themselves if they wish to pass aggressive climate legislation. Sadly, that may not be an option for us, if she and other Democrats, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, continue to dismiss the pleas of our generation. Faced with politicians on both sides of the aisle who belittle and ignore us, we’re forced to take a stand, and we’re doing it together on a global scale. And that is why we strike.

We strike because our world leaders haven’t acknowledged, prioritized, or properly addressed the climate crisis. We strike because marginalized communities across our nation—especially communities of color and low incomecommunities—are already disproportionately impacted by climate change. We strike because if the societal order is disrupted by our refusal to attend school, then influential adults will be forced to take note, face the urgency of the climate crisis, and enact change. With our future at stake, we call for radical legislative action—now—to combat climate change and its countless detrimental effects on the American people. We strike for the Green New Deal, for a fair and just transition to a 100 percent renewable economy, and to stop creation of new fossil fuel infrastructure. We strike because we believe the climate crisis should be called what it really is: A national emergency, because we are running out of time.


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  1. This is good that the students are walking out of their “Lessons” on March 15, 2019. That means they get 1 day less of liberal indoctrination drilled into their minds !!!

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