We Are In The Third World War

By: Cliff Kincaid

Geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist, on a new edition of America’s Survival TV, commented on the Chinese Communist surprise attack on the United States and our inability to respond. In a recent blog post, he put it this way: “To underscore our cluelessness and our unreadiness: The Chinese hit us with a biological weapon last year and what did we do? We denied that the virus was from a Chinese weapons lab. We denied that they unleashed it on purpose.”

Today, China Joe Secretary of State Antony Blinken even says we have disavowed a containment strategy directed at China.

Meanwhile, the FBI has issued a mysterious two-sentence statement on the cyber-attack on the Colonial pipeline, shutting down gas supplies for several states, saying, “The FBI was notified of a network disruption at Colonial Pipeline on May 7, 2021. We are working closely with the company and our government partners.”

We are spending $70 billion a year on “intelligence” and this is all the FBI says about this crippling action taken against our economy.

If the villains are an organized crime group in Russia not connected to the Putin regime, what is the Russian government doing to apprehend these criminals?

At the same time, as J.R. Nyquist and I discussed on ASI TV, the “Red Jihad” is underway in the Middle East, as Islamic Iran (backed by Russian and China) are staging an attack on Israel through the Hamas terror group. The U.S. Navy recently apprehended a ship from Iran headed to terrorists in Yemen with Chinese and Russian arms. These terrorists are targeting Saudi Arabia.

Everywhere you look, at home and abroad, conflicts are intensifying. And the U.S. under China Joe is unprepared, perhaps deliberately so.

Unfortunately, viewers of the popular Tucker Carlson show on Fox are getting disinformation from leftist Glenn Greenwald, a frequent guest on the show who made his name as a collaborator with CIA/NSA defector Edward Snowden, now living in Russia.

Carlson is a good host who usually provides a conservative perspective but on Russia he seems to have gone deaf, dumb, and blind by his reliance on Greenwald. It’s one thing to note that the Russia-gate allegations against Trump were phony. It’s another to suggest Russia isn’t a threat. I thought that Greenwald was auditioning for his own show on Fox News but his frequent appearances on the Carlson show may suggest he’s getting ready for a slot as a paid contributor.

“We no longer know who we are,” says Nyquist. “We no longer know who our enemies are.”

Today, Russia alone has the means to physically destroy the American homeland and survive any anticipated counter-strike.  Russia is what top U.S. Generals have recently called an “existential” threat to the U.S.

But Greenwald, on Tucker Carlson’s show, mocks that “propaganda claim.”

Nyquist and I collaborated on the book, Red Jihad, exposing Russian links to al-Qaeda, ISIS, organized crime, and drug trafficking. We argue that the Russian regime is committed to the destruction of the United States and Israel through a “final solution” that includes nuclear disarmament by the West and then a surprise nuclear attack by Moscow and/or its client states and puppets in the region.

As noted by Nyquist on our television program, the “collapse” of the Soviet Union, which occurred as a result of what has been called the “perestroika deception,” has resulted in a resurgent Russia that relies on the remnants of – and improvements to — Soviet military power, especially nuclear arms.

Russia and China have taken different socialist paths, based on the Marxist dialectic of historical progress, on the way to world communism, but both regimes remain communist in their outlook. The changes in the image they present to the West have meant that China and Russia have benefited from Western aid, financial assistance, and technology. The result: they have formed what many now increasingly recognize as a growing alliance against the United States. This proves, in the words of the author of perestroika, Mikhail Gorbachev, that they are still on the road to world communism.

The book argues that Russia has fueled the Islamic terrorist movement and has been manipulating Islam since the days of Lenin. The Russian-Chinese-Iranian axis in the Middle East is an example of this approach, with Saudi Arabia and its oil wealth among the current targets.

The West has been fooled and our survival is at stake. The “Red Jihad” in the Middle East, the worst violence in years, signals the onset of what Nyquist calls the Third World War.

In order for the United States to survive, Israel must not only survive but win its war against Hamas.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org


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3 thoughts on “We Are In The Third World War

  1. Cliff is deceived about Israel on too many levels to reach his brain. After 73 years of brainwashing by the Jewish element in the USA, most people cannot recognize the fraud and the lies without a lot of reading. First of all, Hitler was not wrong. The U.S. was brought into the fight on the wrong side. Hitler was fighting the communist Jews who had overthrown Russia just like they just overthrew the U.S. through crooked elections and insider collusion. Their plan to take over the world progressed with their movement into Europe. Hitler was trying to push them back, out of those areas. The Jews meanwhile were broadcasting to the Americans a total lie that Hitler was gassing the Jews and planned to take over the world. That is called “Jewish Projection”. They take their intentions and crimes and put them onto their enemy. Don’t forget the Jews took over China from the inside in 1949 with real Chinese Jews! We are witnessing their agenda to dominate the world, the NWO is their baby and they are progressing quite well given that the Americans are such sheep!

    1. Chinese Jews? Ha-ha-ha! Karl Marx was a Jew, but most communists are not Jews. There are only 17 million or so Jews in the world. If you want Nazis to take the place their place, it would be pretty easy. Start breeding and educating yourselves.

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