The Marxist Plan for a One-Party State is on Track

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

“We are facing a communist revolution in America,” says analyst Trevor Loudon, as a real “blue wave” enabled the national Democratic Party to pick up as many as 40 House seats, hold the Senate Republicans to 52 seats or so, and is now threatening to put conservative states such as Florida, Texas, Georgia and others permanently into the Democratic Party column. He argues that this “Rainbow Conspiracy” strategy, unless countered by conservative organizing and education, provides the eventual basis for a socialist one-party state. How can millennials and suburban women be convinced to oppose socialist and communist schemes? Who will the Democrats run for president in 2020? Watch this explosive interview to find out.


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2 thoughts on “The Marxist Plan for a One-Party State is on Track

  1. I vote Absentee Ballet from my home in Germany. I’M originally from California and when I left for my 4yrs in the army in 1974, California was Republican. I met my wife in Germany and I had no family in the USA so we married and had two girls and I got work with GM Opel and my last 8yrs with P&G. I love Germany, but not the liberal politics. My wife is conservative, and we both are Catholic. Unfortunately, my girls have dual citizenship and they vote Democratic. They think I’m nuts voting how I do. I always thought America would stay the way it was when I left in 1974. I had no idea how bad our country had become until I got my first PC in 2003. Then I got internet radio and started to listen to Rush, Levin, Hannity, Red Eye Radio,Chris Plant. I was shocked! In 8th grade, 1966 we had to pass the constitution test to graduate to the next grade. We had great schools back then and proud to be California boys and Americans. Many of those friends have turned Lib and those who didn’t moved from Calif. Thank you, sir, for speaking my mind. What you said I couldn’t say it better. Like many people, I can’t believe this is happening. My youngest girl lives in Orlando FL. I vote in that state and I told all my friends to vote.I won’t give up the fight and I hope we have some strong people who will get our schools back like they were, but the biggest problem is changing the young people’s minds and bring God back in our lives and morals. Parents who love America and teach their children what it is to be American and love it. Big mistake making weed legal. Like the USA needs more drugs? Over here the Newspapers never print one positive article about Trump,but they trashed Bush,Regan and all Republican presidents. Now it makes sense to me how this giant plan is from communist and Moslems to take over the world. Just like you said. God help all of us worldwide who still believe in freedom and capitalism.

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