Obama’s “Permanent Revolution” Defeats Trump

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Republicans picked up a few seats in the Senate only because unpopular Democrats were up for re-election in conservative states, while Democrats could win 40 House seats, the most since Watergate. Democrats replaced Republican governors in seven states — Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, and Maine — and captured some 300 legislative seats in state houses all across the country. Republicans are weak, even AWOL, on cultural issues, as Obama pursues his “Brown is the New White” Rainbow Conspiracy strategy backed by Soros, Oprah, and Bloomberg money.


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1 thought on “Obama’s “Permanent Revolution” Defeats Trump

  1. C’mon, you guys have to know that Fox has always been “allowed” to be conservative to appease the conservatives out there. It was only a matter of time before its true agenda started to show. Rupert (spl) is and always been a leftist person, so don’t act so surprised about the “turn-around”.
    It’s only a matter of time before “conservative view” fox’s people will be gone or changing their song.

    As for the wins/losses, all you have to do is look at the pansy kid-glove treatment the conservatives gave the leftist. I have always been shouting out that the right has to show the voters the true faces and ideologies (leftist-Marxist-communist) that the opposition is.

    But no, this MAJOR point was rarely given if ever. All our side, including, all of the so-called conservative sites would do is call the left “socialists”, and then the left would say, “well what do you think SS, Medicare, Education, ETC is?”

    Most if not all of the Democratic party is communist socialistic, and also some of the RINOs.
    Of course, Ryan said what he said in that article, he has always been a RINO, so don’t act surprised.

    The problem is that the pro-lifers RE; “RIGHT WINGERS” show that is not even capable of any compromise. they are totally close-minded about anything that is not their belief position.
    If you don’t compromise and are now a minority, well almost, then expect to lose to the well funded left.

    All the money is in the hands of the globalists and they own us whether we like it or not. And all of the Democrats are getting money, if not, then promises of a nice future. The same goes for the RINOs.
    Ever ask yourself why Jason and Tray are leaving, they either see the handwriting on the wall or have been getting the word. The know the beast is much bigger than they.

    No one on the right is willing to challenge the pope and the 2nd ecumenical council that was all about converting the Catholic Church into an open social society and to convert the believers’ into left-wing “open-minded” sycophants. Look around at all of the upside down crosses so many of them wear. Look at how they did and still do so little about all those “worst-of-all-people” Priests.

    It’s no wonder so many have given up on the-word-of-God, they think that God has forsaken them.

    One other thing, I am in Illinois and the outgoing governor rarely got much done, and also caved to the Chicago mob and also made this a “sanctuary” state. He was no better than the Dems. They also gerrymandered me out of the running buy making my district a minority.

    There’so much more but this is enough of a rant. So I won’t go into Trump and his bad decisions’ on his cabinet choices.

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