Mueller’s Legal Terrorism Threatens A Free Press

By: Cliff Kincaid

President Trump’s failure to fire Russia-gate prosecutor Robert Mueller has resulted in pro-Trump journalist Jerome Corsi facing financial ruin and imprisonment as a result of Mueller’s tactics of legal terrorism. But Corsi has now made a smart move, hiring combative attorney Larry Klayman to take the fight to Mueller. Klayman may save Corsi from a frivolous prosecution, but he can’t save Trump from Mueller or impeachment.

It appears that Corsi made some of his own mistakes by associating with controversial characters such as Roger Stone and Alex Jones and perhaps attempting contact with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Assange was a one-time host of a Russian propaganda television show whose interviews included the notorious leftist academic Noam Chomsky. A leftist with an anti-American agenda, he was out to get Hillary Clinton for reasons of his own. Although there are legitimate questions about whether the sources of WikiLeaks were linked to Russian intelligence, it’s difficult to see how Corsi’s involvement in researching a story about Hillary constitutes any form of criminal conduct. Corsi is a pro-Trump journalist who was looking for a story he thought could damage then-candidate Clinton. Under interrogation by Mueller’s operatives, he made some mistakes or misstatements but won’t plead guilty to lying.

Not all of Corsi’s work can be defended, but it is a fact that he is a curious and tough-minded journalist who authored The Obama Nation, a book on the controversial background and communist connections of Barack Hussein Obama. His book cited our material, released during Obama’s first run for the White House, on Obama’s debt to communist Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was Obama’s mentor and father figure. A drinker and pothead, Davis was a lover of Red Russia and a designated security risk suspected of espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union. This relationship alone should have disqualified Obama from the presidency. It is the real Russia-gate scandal that Robert Mueller, one of Obama’s FBI directors, had —  and still has —  inside information about.

But while Corsi sought to publish stories and a book about the secret life of Obama, journalists from the Washington Post repeatedly played down damaging evidence about Obama having a relationship with the Russian agent Frank Marshall Davis, who had been under FBI surveillance for 19 years. We released Davis’s 600-page FBI file in 2008. Post journalist David Maraniss was one of the worst offenders in terms of the media cover-up. It was later disclosed that he had personal connections to the Communist Party USA through his parents, who were members of the Moscow-funded entity that doubled as an espionage apparatus for communism in America. Red-diaper baby Maraniss never repudiated his parents and their love for communism. He went on to write a sympathetic Obama biography.

Trump’s failure to fire Mueller isn’t entirely to blame for what is happening to Corsi.  Trump may have felt he had to let Mueller continue his investigation after conservatives like former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy joined liberals in saying Mueller was an honest professional who could be trusted to do a thorough job. They ignored his service to the Obama-Davis cover-up, not to mention Mueller’s mishandling of the post-9/11 anthrax investigation and purging of FBI materials on the Islamic threat.

Upping the ante, Trump has now retweeted an image of Mueller, Obama, and others behind bars for treason. But Corsi is one of the few journalists who had wanted to investigate that topic. He is now in legal jeopardy because Trump let Mueller continue his “Witch Hunt.” His days as a journalist are now in question as he struggles to survive Mueller’s attempt to jail him. This matter, not the denial of a press pass to CNN’s obnoxious Jim Acosta, involves real First Amendment freedoms.

At this time of political peril for Trump and threats to political journalism from Mueller’s team, former Bush adviser and Fox News contributor Karl Rove has laughably emerged to offer Republicans advice as to how to fight the new crop of socialists in Congress. His Wall Street Journal column is headlined, “Stopping the Socialist Resurgence: Republicans need to fight the wild ideas of the Democratic Party’s left wing.” But when Barack Hussein Obama was running for president, Rove told Republican donors to avoid calling him a socialist because some people would object to using that term. Rove told the donors, “If you say he’s a socialist, they’ll go to defend him. If you call him a ‘far out left-winger,’ they’ll say, ‘no, no, he’s not.’” That meant no talk of Obama’s communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, and no talk of his backing from the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, and other such groups.

It’s because of Obama’s success – and timidity like Rove’s — that the liberals and socialists took as many as 40 seats in the House on November 6. However, Trump compounded the problem, calling the defeat a victory.

As a result of Rove’s strategy when John McCain and Mitt Romney ran as the GOP presidential candidates against Obama, the American people were denied a clear understanding of the choice between American values and Marxism. Obama was president for two terms and his legacy of “permanent revolution” — and the cover-up surrounding his own Russian connection — continues. In the words of the Post slogan that was devised as a justification for journalism under Trump, this is how “Democracy dies in darkness.”

* America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) President Cliff Kincaid has had a nearly 40-year journalism career that includes serving as a co-host for the debate show “Crossfire” on CNN in the 1980s. He currently appears in a popular film on media bias and anonymous sources that is being shown in the Newseum, the journalism museum in Washington, D.C. Kincaid has written or co-authored more than 20 books and hosts an Internet-based Roku TV channel called America’s Survival TV that is available in more than 60 countries and is also on YouTube. Cliff’s book on Marxist dialectics, The Sword of Revolution, has been translated into Portuguese to reach people in Brazil, where an anti-communist revolution has taken root.


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