Frank Gaffney, Philip Haney, Ex-Muslim Women – Podcasts: “Will We Allow Michigan to Transform America?”

June 20, 2018

If you couldn’t attend the Sharia Crime Stoppers
June 16th webinar titled:

Will We Allow Michigan to Transform America?

Then we offer you the Webinar Podcasts here and
on The United West website, located here.

Sharia Crime Stoppers Webinar – June 16, 2018
Will We Allow Michigan to Transform America?

Sharia Crime Stoppers Webinar Q&A, #1 – June 16, 2018
Farrah Prudence – Personal Experience of Sharia Crime Against Women

Sharia Crime Stoppers Webinar Q&A, #2 – June 16, 2018
Frank Gaffney and Philip Haney

Sharia Crime Stoppers Next Webinar:
– Free & Still Time to Register –

Thursday, June 21st, 7:15pm eastern time

Islamist Censorship: Its Roots, Purpose & Role in the 2018 MI Governor’s Race
Register here:

Presenter: Deborah Weiss – Center for Security Policy
How to watch: Your computer, comfort of your own home

Deborah Weiss, Esq., is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Security Policy where she specializes in free speech and terrorism-related issues. She is considered an expert on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, CAIR and Islamist censorship. She is the author of several books, including The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Jihad on Free Speech and her recently released book titled, Islamist Influence in Hollywood.

Ms. Weiss, a 9/11 survivor, has published articles in FrontPage Magazine, National Review Online, The Weekly Standard, The Washington Times, and many others. Additional information about Ms. Weiss can be found at her website here:

The United West is standing with a team that has developed a certified training program for Law Enforcement. Training on the criminal behavior that is happening under the guidelines of Islamic Law, called Sharia. Training to recognize and understand it’s tenets.

For more information about Sharia Crime Stoppers, contact:

You can also find more details on The United West website:

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