South African Ruling Party Calls All White People ‘Murderers’ – Seizes Farms For Redistribution

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

“This is Africa. Nobody cares about Africa.” – Sahara

There have been country protests against the government’s decision to seize the land (Image: GETTY)

We really should care about Africa… these are communist despots we are talking about and they are redistributionist and murderous. Apartheid may have ended, but now South Africa is swinging the other way big time. White farmers are furious and the government has announced the seizure of 139 farms to redistribute to black farmers in a supreme incidence of racist social justice. These farmers did not hurt or kill anyone. They aren’t engaged in racism either, yet they are having what they have worked their whole lives for ripped from them and given to someone else based solely on skin color.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced last week plans to allow white people’s land to be taken without compensation, which will then be distributed to black people in a move that he believes will be good for the economy. That won’t end well for South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) and it will definitely egg on class warfare and violence. There have already been numerous incidents that I’ve heard of concerning the murdering of white people in South Africa simply because they are white. The president made the announcement late on Tuesday in a televised address to the nation.

The media cited Zizi Kodwa, a member of the ANC’s national executive committee (NEC), as saying that the move should be “appreciated” by domestic and international investors, given that “long-term investment is tied [to] ownership of land by the majority of people.” “In other words, if you are talking about sustainable long-term certainty, it is tied to addressing the injustices of the past. You can appreciate the jittery response and so on, the shocks at the moment, but what we are doing now is to create policy certainty and the conditions for future investment,” Kodwa added.

There has been an angry backlash against the president’s reforms (Image: CAMERA PRESS/Brenton Geach*GETTY)

The farmers have claimed that the government’s plan will be “catastrophic and could lead to anarchy and food shortages like Venezuela or Zimbabwe.” Oh, it will do that and so much more. It’s a certainty. Zimbabwe’s economy collapsed after they did something similar. Ramaphosa claims that 20 years after apartheid ended there, nine percent of the population is white and owns 79 percent of the farmland. These families have worked that land for decades and it’s theirs. It is theft to take their land and give it to others like this simply because they are white.

An organization representing South Africans, AfriForum, said that land expropriation with no compensation would have “catastrophic results like in Venezuela and Zimbabwe.” The organization’s chief executive Kallie Kriel said: “History teaches us that international investors, regardless of what AfriForum or anyone else says, are unwilling to invest in a country where property rights are not protected.” Business investors take a dim view of communists, totalitarians, despots, and dictators for obvious reasons. Ian Cameron, of AfriForum, said: “We’re really heading for a state of anarchy if something doesn’t change drastically. There are places where the police simply refuse to act. They don’t know the law well enough or refuse to apply it to logical reasoning when it comes to defending people’s property rights.”

This is the same kind of logic some use here in the United States when it comes to historic slavery in this country. Take what white Americans have now and give it to those who haven’t earned it simply because they are black. That is the very definition of racism. Americans today did not commit those atrocities and can’t be held liable for them. The people that want to take what others have earned are not entitled to ill-gotten gains this way and are Marxists in every sense of the word.

In the 1990s black South Africans received grants and subsidies to buy land plots, which resulted in overcrowding and poor land use. Most of South Africa’s black people live in crowded urban areas or rural reserves. The 1913 Native Lands Act made it illegal for Africans to acquire land beyond these reserves, which became known as “Homelands.” About one-tenth of land in white ownership has been transferred to black ownership since the end of apartheid, which is only a third of the government’s target.

It could be that Ramaphosa may be simply trying to win political points with the land reform ahead of an election next year. Bennie Van Zyl, the general manager of the Agricultural Union of South Africa (TAU SA), said: “For us, this is a pity that they’ve made their choice because no one will invest in this economy and we actually need growth to address the realities of South Africa. So we have great concern for this approach. A lot of foreign countries that have already contacted us as an organization say if that is the case, we are not willing to invest in your country anymore. And if the ANC goes through with this, it will be devastating for this country.”

A tweet on the ANC’s parliamentary Twitter account further shocked many on Thursday when it appeared to call all white people murderers. The party has subsequently deleted the tweet and said it was quoting someone else, though lawyers say they can still be held accountable. It read: “The biggest mistake we are making is to consult murderers. White people are 9% of the population, they own 79% of [the] land. They never came and consulted us for the land. If they want us to forgive them now, then let us share the land, the mineral resources.” Sounds like racial communism to me.

The party then told its critics who were incensed by the tweet that it had merely been quoting the remarks of one of the members of the public who had come to the parliament’s constitutional review committee’s public hearing on the review of section 25 of the constitution that was being held in the town of Beaufort West in the Western Cape. Very few believe that excuse. A legal expert, Helene Eloff, also weighed in to make it clear that the ANC had blundered and could be held liable for the view expressed since a disclaimer can’t be applied retrospectively. And it all ties back into seizing the farmland from white farmers and the hatred of anyone who is white.

From The Citizen:

The ANC in the Western Cape on Saturday congratulated the joint constitutional review committee for successfully conducting public hearings into whether the constitution should be amended to allow for expropriation of land without compensation.

The committee had held public meetings across the Western Cape in the past week, and on Saturday finished the public consultation process with a public meeting in Goodwood in Cape Town.

In a statement, the party said: “The people of the Western Cape have spoken. From Oudtshoorn to Beaufort West, Citrusdal to Swellendam, and finally, the Cape Metro, our people have unequivocally and overwhelmingly said section 25 of the constitution must be amended in order to fulfill the broad and fair land ownership across the province.

“The ANC is proud of its members who came out in numbers and made solid contributions in the public hearings. Our members and supporters are saying land reform through the amendment of section 25 will open the province’s productive forces and, contrary to popular belief, will actually increase agricultural productivity and be the catalyst for the broad industrialization of our country as millions get absorbed into [the] mainstream economy.

“Our people are saying [the] land is the basis for all economic activity and exclusion of the majority of citizens from land ownership prevents them from full participation in the economy. There is a clear message that land expropriation will have a positive impact also on social challenges as people are freed from [the] burden of landlessness and lack of assets.”

The statement added: “Our people believe that instead of affecting food security, land expropriation will actually expand it. Instead of causing social and economic upheaval, new economic players will emerge, and our economy may experience a leap forward.”

The party said that contrary to the fears of some, including right-wing organisations, the ANC had made it clear throughout the process, and in its National and Provincial Land Summits, that “not only are we concerned about food productivity, we seek maximisation of all agricultural land, so instead of removing some productive forces from the system, more will be added.”

Parliament’s joint constitutional review committee on Saturday concluded the provincial public hearings into section 25 of the Constitution in the Cape Metropolitan Area with one of the biggest gatherings to date.

The committee, which held a total 34 hearings in all nine provinces of South Africa, was instructed by the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces to ascertain whether a review of this section and other clauses were necessary, to make it possible for the state to expropriate land in the public interest without compensation. It was also asked to propose the necessary constitutional amendments where necessary.

Hundreds of concerned citizens attended the hearings Saturday at the Friend of God Church in Goodwood. The church held 1,500 and there were many more people outside that could not get in. Co-chairperson of the committee Vincent Smith said that following the hearings, the committee would assess the hundreds of thousands of written submissions it received after which it will invite those submitters, who indicated that they wanted to make oral presentations, to hearings at parliament. Once the process is finished, the matter will be deliberated before they report to both houses of Parliament.

The ruling ANC this week announced that it was going ahead with its intention to review the contentious section. In a late address on Tuesday, ANC leader and President Cyril Ramaphosa said his party will, through the “parliamentary process, finalize a proposed amendment to the Constitution that outlines more clearly the conditions under which expropriation of land without compensation can be affected.” It’s basically a done deal and there is still a very real possibility that white farmers and others will be slaughtered as this hatred moves forward. The ANC is communistic in nature and the hatred runs deep here. It can’t possibly end well.


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6 thoughts on “South African Ruling Party Calls All White People ‘Murderers’ – Seizes Farms For Redistribution

  1. What about a modern deliverance , from an impending genocide , upon The Poor Whites , in the south african poverty camps , whom are not allowed , or whom cannot evacuate – ( for whatever reason ) ? If you know real history , then you understand , it is they – ( The White Destitute ) , who are The True Boers . On the other hand , the metro elite & propertied farmers – are the jew / dutch / english / afrikaners , that have assumed the identity from , and have always oppressed , The True Germanic Boers . Yes Sir , there is a way out for them – ( The Despised Poor ) , but it’s not the “ rapture “ .

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    1. What about a modern day deliverance , from an impending genocide , upon The Poor Whites , in the south african poverty camps , whom are not allowed , or whom cannot evacuate – ( for whatever reason ) ? If you know real history , then you understand , it is they – The White Destitute , who are The Real Boers . On the other hand ; the metro elite & propertied farmers – are the jew / dutch / english / afrikaners , that have assumed the identity from , and have always oppressed , The True Germanic Boers . Yes Sir , there is a way out for them – The Despised Poor , but it’s not the “ rapture “ .

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    1. Thank you, Mr. Loudon! – And thank you for the great educational work you are doing! The world would be a much more ignorant place without men like you or Cliff Kincaid or Jeff Nyquist and all the others who are working their hearts out to explain to people (1) that communism never collapsed, (2) how it operates and (3) that it already stands at everybody’s doorstep, as we speak. All my best wishes for your further work!

  2. Back to the Mau Mau uprising of the early 50’s – They want it both ways; they want it in the USA and in their own country; what would happen if this was turned around?

  3. This sword of Damocles of “expropriation without compensation” has now been hanging over South Africa for quite some time. Everybody knew that is was only a matter of time until it would finally come down. We’ve been witnessing for years and years the systematic and organised killings especially of white farmers, including women, children and elderly, by – let’s not mince words – death squads who weren’t interested in theft, but only in applying the most horrific and blood-chilling RED TERROR one could ever think of. Now the regime is shifting gears (Namibia is also in the process of going fully berserk soon, by the way). Will the civilised world (or whatever is left of it) stand idly by and do nothing in the face of this upcoming South-African genocide against those who have built this country up, over decades and centuries, to the exquisite standards of wealth and prosperity from which everybody in South Africa has been able to benefit? But then, it’s not about black against white, or putting right perceived former injustice, but about erecting a full-blown communist poorhouse along Cuban lines. And these communists, whether they are formally SACP or ANC, have been celebrated in the West as heroes of peace and gracious reconciliation, which they never were. They’ve always been a bunch of ruthless and blood-thirsty terrorists determined to destroy South Africa once and for all – which is what communists do, everywhere around the world.

    In all of this, one can also see a clandestine coordination throughout the communist world (that never “collapsed”): Russia (read the virtually unchanged USSR) is now claiming to have reached overwhelming nuclear superiority over the United States (and why shouldn’t we believe them). Red China has begun a new phase of re-ideologisation and religious persecution at home, combined with ever greater aggressiveness on the international stage. Their satellites across the board (and they are still satellites) are getting ever more threatening, too. Look at the Iranian mullah regime! Look at Maduro, seemingly with his back against the wall, who has already made clear, after the recent alleged attempt on his life, to clamp down on his opponents all the more and to go to war against Colombia (where his fellow-communist FARC may already be thursting for a takeover of power)! Look at Ortega, who is now leading Nicaragua into a full-scale nightmare! Look at this faux nationalist Duterte in Manila, who “solves” the social ills of the Philippines by simply killing off, literally and in the tens of thousands, those who would rather need help – and his sympathies are with Beijing, not with Washington! Look at the rapid deterioration of NATO and of the greater nations of Europe, including Germany: is there the least of statesmanship visible with these clowns, while Moscow & Beijing are manipulating them at will?

    The communist spectre, more powerful than ever, is on the march as never before! Before long, America might be diplomatically and militarily isolated! And not a peep from our “honourable” press…

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