Violent Communist Antifa Attacks Patriot Prayer, Police In Portland – Throw Feces And Urine At Marchers

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

As I reported last week, Antifa was practicing getting their violence on in Portland, Oregon with the Patriot Prayer group. They did not disappoint. The police labeled it a ‘civil disturbance’ yesterday. It was a bloody riot. Frankly, I saw a ton of weapons and a number of people who got hurt during the melee. Antifa showed up in downtown Portland before the Patriot Prayer march. They were throwing projectiles at the police, including rocks and bottles, and feces and urine at marchers. Eventually, the police used flash-bang grenades on them.

As I looked through the media this morning, predictably they spun it as Patriot Prayer’s fault and painted all of them as the KKK and Nazis. More fake news and lies. Although I saw alarming weapons from both sides, those holding Nazi paraphernalia and KKK items looked to be Antifa trying to brand Patriot Prayer as such. Among the weapons seized were knives, clubs, pepper spray, eggs, rocks etc. The police were there enforce this time, trying to keep a lid on fights between Antifa and Patriot Prayer. They didn’t stop the clashes but eventually dispersed the marchers.

Police patrolled the streets at midday advising demonstrators to “get out.” Four people were arrested during the protests, the Portland Police Bureau said in a statement Saturday night. Officers also seized “multiple weapons throughout the day,” police said. A reporter for The Oregonian/OregonLive was bloodied when he was struck by a projectile, The Associated Press reported. Eder Campuzano said later on Twitter that he was “okay.”

Photo: Mike Bivins

Patriot Prayer protesters and an affiliated group, the Proud Boys, met in a park at a rally organized by their group leader, Joey Gibson, but they were met by Antifa protesters carrying signs saying, “Nazis go home” and “Alt right scum not welcome in Portland.” Police stood in a line down the middle of the street to separate the two groups. The police presence remained strong throughout the demonstrations, as bomb-sniffing dogs patrolled and weapons checkpoints were visible. At one point, authorities deployed “flash-bang” devices to break up the feuding parties. Long sticks and homemade shields were confiscated, the AP reported. This protest was not as violent or bloody as the last two, but it wasn’t a walk in the park either.

Portland police had threatened to seize weapons after Patriot Prayer’s leader Gibson changed the venue for this latest event from a federal plaza outside a U.S. District Court to a waterfront park so some of his Oregon supporters could carry concealed weapons as they demonstrated. It is illegal in Portland to carry a loaded firearm in public unless a person has a concealed handgun license.

Antifa claims that while Patriot Prayer denies being a white supremacist group, it affiliates itself with known white supremacists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazi gangs. “Patriot Prayer is continuing to commit violence in our city, and their events are becoming more and more violent,” said Effie Baum of Pop Mob, a coalition of community groups organizing the counter-demonstration. “Leaving them a small group to attack in the streets is only going to allow them to perpetuate their violence.” That’s not what I have witnessed. Most of these people look like ordinary Americans who are observing their right to be there and protest against leftists. For the most part, they do so peacefully. The violence is mostly coming from the communists and Antifa. Antifa blames what they do on the right so they have an excuse to get violent.

Antifa trained with violent tactics for this event. They were planning on hurting people and chasing Patriot Prayer out of town. It’s disingenuous to paint the right at fault here when it is blatantly obvious the left is the one that is itching for a fight. Black-clad Antifa goons were filmed stealing a man’s American flag and hitting him in the head with a stick when he resisted. You could see him crouched on the ground and bleeding from his head. Police cars were also trashed and windows smashed in all this.

You can thank the mayor of Portland for a great deal of this. He has actively fostered these riots by blaming the right and praising the left as they got their violence on. He’s also had the police stand down so the communists could bludgeon Patriot Prayer protesters. Unsurprisingly, Antifa had union members among their members and they were chanting “Abolish ICE!” The Democratic Socialists of America, among many others, weren’t happy to see the police protecting the Patriot Prayer rally from disruption. The DSA Refoundation, “a caucus of revolutionary Marxists” active in the Democratic Socialists was also in attendance. The counter-protesters were made up of a coalition of labor unions, immigrant rights advocates, Democratic Socialists and other groups. They included people dressed as clowns and a brass band blaring music.

The leftists and communists taking part in the riot were very anti-police. Many of them wanted the right and the police attacked and/or dead. It’s ironic that Antifa protests fascists, since they are actually the fascists themselves. The City of Roses has been transformed into the City of Riots under Mayor Ted Wheeler. I have no bet in this race, but from what I have seen these are the typical tactics of communists and anarchists. It’s a wonder they have not turned deadly yet. Give it time.


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  1. Mrs. Monroe-Hamilton’s closing sentences spare me a comment of my own, as she exactly expresses what I’m fearing here, as well:

    “It’s a wonder they have not turned deadly yet. Give it time.”

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