Feinstein’s Spy: Russell Lowe and San Francisco’s Pro-China Left


Recent revelations that a long-term staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) was an alleged Chinese spy are gravely concerning but unsurprising, considering that staffer’s history. Even more concerning is the political environment in San Francisco of which that former staffer is a part.

Longtime Bay Area activist Russell Lowe has deep and ongoing involvement with pro-China communist activists and organizations. Lowe was not a “driver,” as was widely reported, but served officially as “office director” and importantly, as Feinstein’s California liaison to the Asian-American community. Lowe, it is now known, even attended events at the Chinese Consulate on behalf of the senator.

In March 2013, not long before he was fired, Lowe was a guest at the farewell party for China’s consul general in San Francisco, Gao Zhansheng. Lowe was described on the invitation list as “office director of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein” and was one of the guests who “awarded proclamations in recognition of Consul General Gao’s contributions to the friendly cooperation between China and Bay area cities,” according to an account of the event posted on the website of the consulate general.

Other attendees included the late San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Assessor-Recorder Carmen Chu, and Supervisor (city council member) Eric Mar.

In 1997, The New York Times reported that Feinstein was one of six members of Congress specifically warned about being vulnerable targets for influence operations from China. So why would Feinstein employ known activist Lowe, particularly after she was appointed to the Senate intelligence committee?

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