Houston Communists Break the Law by Running as Democrats


Houston communists

The Houston Communist Party is knowingly breaking Texas law. It is illegal in the Lone Star State for a communist to hold public office, or to even hold a state government job.

The Houston Communist Party knows this full well. In 2011 they petitioned to have the law—Title 5, Subtitle A, Chapter 557, Subchapter A & C as well as Sec. 557.022—“overturned immediately.” The Texas law was originally designed to keep violent revolutionaries out of public office. The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) does not openly advocate violence these days, because their primary means of “struggle” is through the Democratic Party.

Make no mistake, CPUSA is a Leninist party. Lenin’s method of achieving revolution was through strategic deception. A good Leninist will feign peaceful intent when out-numbered but will unhesitatingly use force when the balance of power shifts in his favor.

To quote from Lenin’s collected works, Volume 6, pages 186-207: “When the [anti-government] demonstrations became consolidated, we began to call for their organisation and for the arming of the masses and put forward the task of preparing a popular uprising. Without in the least denying violence and terrorism in principle, we demanded work for the preparation of such forms of violence as were calculated to bring about the direct participation of the masses and which guaranteed that participation.”

In order to subvert Texas law, Houston communists ran candidates for office this election cycle—all posing as Democrats.

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