#EnemiesWithin: Trevor Loudon Exposes Sen. Tim Kaine & Rep. Bobby Rush (Video)

Watch last week’s explosive videos on Reps. Andre Carson and Rosa DeLauro.

This week Trevor Loudon exposes Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush

In 2016, New Zealand author and film-maker Trevor Loudon released his full-length documentary The Enemies Within, which exposed a shocking number of United States Senators and Congress members who pose a security risk to America. These elected officials were all tied to hostile foreign powers, anti-American Marxist groups or fronts for the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

Trevor Loudon

Trevor has made a “short list” of 59 Congress members and 19 Senators who likely could not pass a basic security background check.

Unfortunately, there are no security checks for Congress members, so the United States is now suffering the consequences of highly untrustworthy people serving on sensitive Congressional Committees, including Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Intelligence.

These are the “Enemies Within.”

Trevor has made a series of 90-to-150 second mini-documentaries exposing these people. He will be releasing them in batches every Thursday night, on TrevorLoudon.com at 8 pm EST up until election day. Others may be released at appropriate times after the election.

Please embed these videos on your blog, tweet them to your followers, post them to Facebook, or personally email them to friends, relatives and colleagues. Every American voter needs to see these videos. If more Americans understand how badly they are being betrayed by their own elected representatives, they can help “drain the swamp” themselves, directly through the ballot box.

Enemies Within Number 3: Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, Senate Foreign Relations Committee member:

Tim Kaine from Xcluded on Vimeo.

Enemies Within Number 4: Illinois  Representative Bobby Rush, Crime Prevention and Youth Development Caucus:

Bobby Rush from Xcluded on Vimeo.

Next Thursday, August 23, 8 pm EST, Trevor Loudon will expose California representative Ami Bera and Minnesota Congressman and Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison.

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