Judge Brett Kavanaugh And The Murder Of Vincent Foster

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Possible Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh “is part of the ongoing cover-up of the murder of the [Clinton] White House deputy counsel” Vincent Foster. So charges researcher and journalist Hugh Turley. In this explosive video, learn how the Swamp operates in bipartisan fashion to cover up crimes, including murder, and how Deep State agents are deployed to intimidate witnesses and alter evidence. Turley worked with AIM’s Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid on this case for years, only to face a cover-up from the liberal AND conservative media.


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7 thoughts on “Judge Brett Kavanaugh And The Murder Of Vincent Foster

  1. At the 2004 confirmation hearing for Kavanaugh, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) stated: “Mr. Kavanaugh served in the Office of Independent Counsel under Judge Starr, where he conducted the office’s investigation into the death of former Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.” A 1998 New York Times article also states that Kavanaugh “led the investigation into the death of the deputy White House counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr.”

    He knew better that the fix was in and did nothing.

    A Manchurian candidate who has worked three circuits building his cred, Ken Starr, Bush cronie, Karl Rove buddy….goes on and on.

    This is the only time in history that the court orderedan Independent Counsel was ordered to include evidence of a cover-up by his own investigators in his own Report

  2. Just because Kavanaugh was there, a rookie fresh out of law school, and because he wrote the “first 114 pages of the report about Foster”, just identifying location, 1st-response persons, surroundings, and I presume, certain items of evidence (photos and such) along with description of the victim, doesn’t mean he was involved in a cover-up.
    I heard hearsay from your report, opinion and conjecture. What hard evidence is of record? Perhaps this was a very dramatic early experience for Kavanaugh and he has since grown. Has Kavanaugh been interviewed regarding all this information that you present?
    Perhaps Kavanaugh was against what was demanded of him which is why he was dogged and intimidated.

    1. Of course, the early years are most important–indication whether the person can stand against corruption, etc.–not “play along” soon after continuing into retirement years. It is so fascinating to read how people’s minds work in bias leanings, how people can easily fool themselves and align with whatever course is favorable to them. They think “they know” etc. Only on a witness stand do they ‘come clean’ and tell the rest of us what we suspected all along (empty suit, for one). Ha.

    2. the fact that chump nominated this guy (and it doesn’t matter who chump nominates) means the guy is one of them, just like chump. wake up!

  3. Re; Brett Kavanaugh

    I don’t know this guy from Adam but when you said “Vince Foster” I thought; “how old is this guy”. That was a long time ago. It turns Kavanaugh got his law degree in 1990 and then would need a few months to pass the Bar. He went on to clerk for a couple judges and then as you say he worked for Ken Starr. Vince Foster died in 1993 when this guy was just 28 y.o. and pretty much a rookie in the law business. I would imagine he pretty much just did as he was told and by now at 53 y.o. has developed his own mind.

    Again, I don’t know if this guy is the right guy for the job but your charges are pretty dubious.

  4. I have a question Have they destroyed this country already? It seems the corruption is everywhere they turn. In both parties congress covers for whomever is investigated. Is that the reason Republicans don’t stand behind Trump. Trump isn’t perfect but he looks pure as driven snow compared to The Clintons and the Obamas.The body and money trail is very telling.

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