Epoch Times features Trevor Loudon on the REAL reason Democrats want illegal immigration

Trevor Loudon featured at Epoch Times

Trevor Loudon was featured at the Epoch Times discussing the REAL reason Democrats have been pushing for illegal immigration.


“It’s nothing to do with compassion. It’s nothing to do with helping people from the Third World. It’s just creating a voting base for the left that cannot be beaten.”

Loudon said the push for illegal immigrant voters is behind much of the voter fraud and the fight against voter ID laws.

“Probably up to 5 percent of the electorate are illegal voters. And in most, elections are won by less than 5 percent, or many elections are,” he said.

“If 80 percent of the illegal immigrants voted Republican, I guarantee Barack Obama would have had the biggest fence on the border you have ever seen.”

The Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based think tank, has created a database of voter fraud cases. It contains 1,132 proven instances of voter fraud throughout 47 states, with 983 criminal convictions.

“Some of those are cases of one person taking advantage of the system,” said Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation in Washington.

“For example, we discovered a guy who had been convicted of voting in three different states at the same time. He lived, I think, in Tennessee, so he voted in person there and he voted by absentee ballot in two other states. But there are other cases that involve the casting of literally hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of fraudulent ballots.”

Read more about Eliseo Medina here. 

A video was created for the article as well. Read it here.


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