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How 57,000 Communists and Socialists are Taking over the Democratic Party

The Epoch Times has made this video of my recent expose of the Communist/Socialist plan to massively infiltrate the Democratic Party.

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Steve Phillips: Meet the Mega-Wealthy ‘Marxist-Leninist’ Behind Four Potential Governors in November

By Trevor Loudon EPOCH TIMES Democratic Party power-player Steve Phillips is behind the rise of four potential far-left governors who have already won their primaries….

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NY Senate Candidate John Liu Endorsed by Far-Left Radicals and Socialist Islamists

By Trevor Loudon EPOCH TIMES Disgraced former New York City mayoral candidate John Liu is attempting a political comeback, with the support of hard-left radical…

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Feinstein’s Ties to China Extend Beyond Chinese Spy

By Trevor Loudon | Epoch Times Last week’s revelations that a Chinese spy served on the staff of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) for almost 20…

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Chinese Regime Recruits American Communists

Beijing opens new chapter, seeking to take the lead among world’s communist parties By Trevor Loudon With little fanfare and no mainstream media publicity, two of…

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Epoch Times features Trevor Loudon on the REAL reason Democrats want illegal immigration

Trevor Loudon was featured at the Epoch Times discussing the REAL reason Democrats have been pushing for illegal immigration. “It’s nothing to do with compassion….

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