Commentary: #DavidHogg, Icon of ignorance

David Hogg on MSNBC

Leave it to the Progressive left to hoist an unaccomplished high school student up as their “golden calf”, their messiah, their Anointed One to deliver civilian disarmament where nearly 50 years of lies and deceit have failed.

Despite the fawning and sycophancy, David Hogg is nothing special. His only claim to fame is he was present at a tragedy. “Survivor”: is a bit hyperbolic. In defense against the accusations he was not at school the day of the shooting, a teacher came forward and stated that she pulled him into a classroom for his safety.  Ok, fine he was in the building. He did not witness the shooting, nor was he under fire. Was it a sad and frightening experience for him? No doubt, but that hardly qualifies him as a “survivor” The word was deliberately chosen by his minders to make him both a sympathetic character and to make him seem above reproach, being a “survivor” is akin  to being a “victim” and how DARE you question a victim! This courtesy, of course, is only reserved for Friends of The Narrative.

Amanda Collins who is an ACTUAL victim and survivor (raped outside the campus police station at University of Nevada-Reno in 2007) was attacked by Democratic Colorado State Senator Sen. Evie Hudak who opined that if Ms Collins had been allowed her concealed carry gun on campus not only would she have been raped but that the rapist would have taken her gun and used it against her.  But I digress….

Mr. Hogg has not graduated High school, attended college, held an adult job (or any job that I could find).  He has not raised a family, invented anything, built anything, ran for office, won a campaign, nothing. Of course he is just a  High School student and these accomplishments would be rare among his peers, nor had I accomplished anything of note at his age. The question therefore is why then is HIS voice so important?  Optics. It looks cool to have high school students at the podium and it plays well. Everything with the Left is marketing, optics, and messaging. If their position was honest and truthful, they wouldn’t need to do any of it. I also can’t help but notice there were originally more in his little authoritarian gaggle, but like TV Talent shows, the judges have picked him to be the next Progressive Idol.  If Emma Gonzales had stepped up her game and not worn the Cuban flag on her Che Guevara army jacket it might have been her I would be writing about today.

The rhetoric he spouts is nothing new, it’s the same tired crap most of us have been fighting since before he was born.  He has no experience with firearms, and nothing to qualify him as an “expert” on gun violence, its causes, or solutions. He is like a cover version of a song that wasn’t any good to begin with.  He only knows what his handlers tell him, he has not done any research on the subject (except what he is handed to read). He just stands at the mic, spews his uninformed vitriol and basks in the adulation.  Tragically, he believes that this is how his world will always be..

His latest “Five point plan ” is an essay in ignorance.  It is so easily refuted even his classmate Kyle Kashuv easily slapped it down.

His “plan” includes a mix of things that already exist, and things that would have done nothing to save his classmates (I doubt he even remembers them at this point),   He clearly copied these answers of off someone else’s paper. He probably should have cheated off the smart kid

It is completely evident to anyone who can see through the Progressive left propaganda that David Hogg is now fighting a defensive battle to maintain his relevance. Like a child actor from a cancelled series, he is just starting to learn the  sun is setting for him.

At press time, there have been two school shootings since Parkland, and neither of them have fit the narrative.  In Maryland, the shooter was engaged by police officer, Was deliberately targeting a girl who broke up with him, shot two students (which negates the “mass” definition)  and used a stolen pistol. In Santa Fe Texas the shooter used a revolver and a shotgun, both Stolen.

Mr Hogg’s cliche about “high capacity magazines” in his five point plan ignores that his classmate/shooter used the supposedly “safer” 10 round magazine.

In a way, I feel bad for Mr Hogg.  By virtue of my advanced years, I can predict his future;  All of the handlers behind Mr. Hogg’s meteoric rise to fame will be on to the next best thing any minute now.  News agencies will no longer record his every word, and he will no longer be booked on the TV shows. David Hogg will cease to be a household name.  He will go to college and be no more special than any other student. I can easily see him trying to drop names and rekindle his faded notoriety in a failed effort to ”seal the deal” as it were with a romantic interest a few years from now.   It is incomprehensible to him right now that he is simply a useful idiot and nothing more, to be discarded like an empty soda can when his use is done. What will be interesting to see, is what a 35-40 year old David Hogg will be like: will he ever realize he was just being used?  Will he be bitter? Will he realize he was wrong? Time will tell.


Author: Peter Gunn

Peter Gunn is has been involved with Second Amendment issues for nearly twenty years, In addition to testifying before the State legislature, Gunn hosted the Polite Society podcast and was a staff writer for both Tavernkeepers and the Brenner Brief. Having grown up in Lexington Massachusetts, Peter learned at an early age the power and necessity of an armed citizenry. Peter now lives in rural New Hampshire, as far away from other people as he can get.

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