ORDER: ‘The Enemies Within’ DVD available NOW!

ORDER The Enemies Within DVD


Trevor Loudon will soon be hitting the road to promote his long-awaited, hard-hitting political documentary, The Enemies Within! But you don’t have to wait to watch!

Order this film now!

The DVD is $14.95 or you can buy in bulk:

  • 5-9= $11.95
  • 10-24= $9.95
  • 25-49= $8.95
  • 50-99=$7.95
  • 100+= $6.95

And ask yourself: Could your Congressman pass an FBI Security Check?

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Author: renee nal

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10 thoughts on “ORDER: ‘The Enemies Within’ DVD available NOW!

  1. my review on amazon:

    “Take the time to watch this documentary

    Amazing how the actual film footage (clips) and the interviews thoroughly document the Title, “The Enemies Within”. This film proves what many of us (older ones) have inherently known; which is simply that there are those in our government that have but one goal. That goal is to destroy the government created by the founding fathers. They do it from within, just as they promised to, many years ago. I think the saddest part of this is the lack of understanding on those that are now a part of this agenda. They have not done their homework. They do not know the fruit of these movements. They have not spoken to refugees who fled to this country from socialist or communist regimes. Alas, that is why history repeats itself! I applaud those that produced this film. I am just sorry that it took someone from another country to see it so clearly and document it so well. I will make sure that my Senator and my Congressman have a copy!”

  2. Just like the Yuri Bezmenov interview w/ G. Edward Griffin – done in the mid 80’s where he lays out the actual formula Marxists use to bring a country down. They have infiltrated our schools, corts. media and government at all levels.

    Must see youtube video – just search “Yuri Bezmenov interview”
    Mind blowing info

  3. Trevor Loudon, New Zealand conservative activist, who visited Spokane in 2014 and shared his current research at our “Movie Night with the Grassroots” in August of 2014 (https://youtu.be/gW4Lw9HXIC8).

    I purchased the pre-release DVD and received it today (10-12-16)
    I sat down to review it tonight. Awesome – Bravo! The DVD lays out in a quick yet through way, what changes occurred in America to make her a Communist country under the guise of becoming politically correct. The mantra has been “Socialist First” which prepares the American soil for American citizen to provide space for unconstitutional lifestyles; that is un-constitutional lifestyles, under the guise of being ‘tolerant’, that is, ‘Politically Correct’.

    The story flow is well laid out and I was surprised and very happy NOT to see any reference to the current 2016 Presidential race; nothing about Ted Cruz, Glen Beck or #NeverTrump. I choose to think Trevor got the message.

    Perhaps it is my DVD player, but I am disappointed the DVD is not laid out by chapters; no Top Menu”, so no way to go to specific chapters to do research.

    Providing Donald Trump wins the 2016 election we will be showing this at our December ‘Movie Night” in Spokane to help people who NOW see the big picture, understand that we STILL need to take a LOCAL stand against the ‘rigged’ system.

    If America is fortunate enough to elect Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton, we need to work at the local level to vote out the GOPe infiltrators in office and elect good persons who will have out interests at heart!

    If Hillary wins the election we will play “Amerigeddon” and say good bye as it will then be the time to prepare for the then inevitable.

  4. re: the Sept. 8 premiere of The Enemies Within — the movie. Where and what time is the premiere showing (and any other showings in Washington DC?)

    1. I had the same question. I couldn’t register on enemieswithinmovie dot com for some reason it keeps redirecting me to the login page

  5. Ill be touring it all over the country Kathee. Holing showings wherever i go. Other groups will be doing showings as well.

    Its already selling promisingly well. We have some very good publicity lined up too.

  6. Hi Trevor,
    Does this mean that “The Enemies Within” will not be going to the movies? If not, I am so disappointed. I sure hope it sells well.

    Thank you,

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