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Caleb Bishop White

Caleb Bishop White lives in DallasTexas. He describes himself as a: Progressive Anti-Capitalist, Seminarian/Pastor, MiD-UCC, Community Organizer and Angelic Rebel Rouser!

He has worked at the Heart of Texas Association at South Central Conference, United Church of Christ, he is a former Consulting Pastor for Community Outreach at Firewheel UCC, a former Student Pastor at First Congregational UCC Fort Worth and was Young Adult and College Ministry Coordinator, Media Tech, at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church – Huntsville, TX.

Caleb Bishop White is a 2010 graduate of Sam Houston State University with a B.S. in Political Science with a minor in Music. White spent time at Houston Graduate School of Theology and Brite Divinity School. During his time in seminary, he has excelled in scholarship and is a Brown Endowment Scholar, William Johnson Scholar and a Howard Wilke Scholar.

His ministerial interests lean towards “community outreach with an emphasis in economic justice and parish ministry with an emphasis in church growth and renewal.” White is a Member in Discernment in care of the Heart of Texas Association of the South Central Conference, United Church of Christ. His home congregation is Friends Congregational United Church of Christ in College Station and he is a self-proclaimed “Liturgical Nerd.”

Caleb Bishop White currently lives in the Oaklawn neighborhood in Dallas and currently preaches pulpit supply as he seeks a part time calling to serve while he finishes his M.Div.

Politically, he is a former County Chairman at Walker County Democratic Party and is closely connected with the Communist Party of Texas.

His main affiliation however is with Democratic Socialists of America.

Caleb Bishop White has been active with the UTD Democratic Socialists and the Young Democratic Socialists @ SHSU (Sam Houston State UniversityHuntsville Texas}.

Caleb Bishop White is currently co-chair of the Democratic Socialists of America – North Texas branch and serves on the DSA Disability Caucus/Working Group.

He also believes that Jesus Christ looks “kind of like Osama Bin Laden.”

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1 thought on “Weekly Featured Profile – Caleb Bishop White

  1. The UCC has been a fairly standard whacked-out, old line Protestant denom for decades now. The hippie, went-to-divinty-school-to-avoid- Vietnam crowd forming their hierarchy are now retiring or in long term drug rehab. This clown represents their “replacements.” Fortunately, his shelf life will be quite brief and the denom will continue to lose supporting members until both of the surviving ones decide they are as irrelevant as they’ve been for the past 50 years and turn out the lights.

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