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Schiff Claims Russian Ads Promoted The 2nd Amendment, “So We All Kill Each Other”

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | Adam Schiff (D-CA) is the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. He’s also a leaker and a liar. He…

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Trump Calls For Gov Shutdown If Congress Doesn’t Handle Immigration And Funding The Military

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | Well, President Trump just won points me yet again. Today he said that he would “love” to see a government…

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Dem Rep. Danny Davis Claims Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan Is An ‘Outstanding Human Being’

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | Democratic Illinois Rep. Danny Davis was quick to defend Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as an “outstanding human being”…

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Confronting Leftists’ Lies

By: Lloyd Marcus I am an unhyphenated American who happens to be black. Leftists who hate America as founded dominate fake news media, Hollywood, public…

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