Cliff Kincaid is interviewed on the “Dangerous Thinkers” show with Teri O’Brien

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Cliff Kincaid was a guest on Teri O’Brien’s “Dangerous Thinkers” podcast.

Listen to it here by clicking on the transmission.

Here are some of the key points Teri posted:

  • How the American Intelligence Community enabled our first Marxist President, Barack Hussein Obama
  • How the current revelations about corruption in the FBI relate to Obama
  • Why the Intelligence Community has been so determined to go after President Trump
  • The loophole in our system that allows a hard-wired Marxist like Obama to be elected president
  • How Obama got elected: we relied on the media, and the media suppressed the truth
  • What better act of diversion than to accuse President Trump of being a Soviet agent when in fact it was Obama who was?
  • The stunning way that the Communist Chinese state-controlled media referred to Obama, which makes clear that they consider him a fellow communist
  • How Obama’s presidency was designed to support both the communist and Muslim enemies of the United States
  • While Obama did tremendous damage with this foreign policy, his domestic cultural Marxist agenda was also extremely destructive
  • Why it is impossible to be a “gay conservative”
  • The tremendous importance of new media today


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