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Trump: We Know Him by His Enemies

By: Thomas Wigand To a degree unique in American history, President Donald J. Trump has confronted – and been confronted by – an enemies list…

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Deplorables at the Gate

By: Thomas Wigand November 9, 2022 This is written the day after the 2022 midterms; the day after the “red tsunami” appears to have been nothing but…

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Dear GOP: Please Spare Us Your Crocodile Tears Regarding Joe Biden and the Afghanistan Debacle


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We Had a “Color Revolution” Under “Color of Law” – But We Can Still Reclaim Our Country!

By: Thomas C. Wigand CONTENTS Introduction Who Might Be Behind the Curtain? Secular (Legal) Reasons for Optimism Faith-Based Reasons for Optimism INTRODUCTION On November 3-4,…

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America: Coming Full Circle from the 1960’s

May 30, 2020 This is being written moments after the successful launch of the Crew Dragon – atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. This marks…

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Election 2020: Satan Throws His Horns Into The Ring For The Democrat Nomination

Frustrated by the performance of the 20-some odd Democrat candidates in their first round of debates, Satan has decided to throw his hat, err, horns…

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We Can Avoid This Fate!

  A “f*cked-up cracker state” is how the Gillum campaign thinks of us (thank you Project Veritas!). To paraphrase the old song made famous by Janis…

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WATCH: Chaos as ‘Migrants’ Destroy Gate at Mexico’s Southern Border

Mexican television cable news channel Milenio Televisión posted a Facebook live video yesterday with the description (translated): “Central American migrants break gate on the border…

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It’s Simple Math: #DACA Would Create a Democratic ‘One Party State’ From 2020 Onward

If President Trump compromises on DACA, you can kiss America goodbye. It’s very simple math, people. We can safely assume that the vast majority of…

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Donald Trump’s “Read My Lips” Moment?

The Democrats well remember their success in baiting George H. Bush into alienating his base by persuading him to renege on his campaign pledge: “Read…

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On Behalf of the Middle Class, an Eight-Count Indictment Against Democrats, Republicans and Crony Corporate Interests

INTRODUCTION: DACA (and amnesty generally) is again at the top of the news. The outcome of this political battle is is a matter of existential…

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UPDATE: Trump pulls US out of UN Compact on Migration

UPDATE: More information about the deliberations leading up to the decision to pull out can be found here. It is a must-read article at Breitbart…

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Standing up to Cultural Marxism

Cross-Posted from Bear Witness Central President Donald Trump deserves a tremendous amount of gratitude and support for his newly instated trans-gender policy in the military!…

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New England Patriots rebuff CNN, NYT #FakeNews about White House event

The New England Patriots thankfully corrected an outrageous, politically charged tweet by New York Times Sports which heavily implied that the New England Patriots rebuffed the White House, where they…

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Marxist activists brag about blocking people from inauguration

While Marxist activists have been bragging all over social media about blocking Americans from attending President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the mainstream media excitedly and predictably reports…

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