MN Governor Candidate Phil Parrish: ‘Islam is incompatible with the US Constitution’

Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR and the chronically dishonest Southern Poverty Law Center are very upset with Phil Parrish, a Republican candidate for Governor of Minnesota.

According to the SPLC:

Regina Mustafa, founder of the Minnesota-based Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam, reached out to Parrish after learning he attended a talk by Usama Dakdok called “Revealing the Truth about ISIS.” Dakdok is one of a number of anti-Muslim speakers who have created a cottage industry touring the country to malign Islam as an inherently violent religion. In his Minnesota presentation, Dakdok said ISIS was the “true representation of Islam.”

Mustafa sent Parrish an email, offering to meet with him face-to-face. “Since you have attended this talk about my faith,” she wrote, “I figured you would also like to hear from a person who actually practices Islam.”

In Parrish’s reply, he condemned Islam as fundamentally incompatible with U.S. law.

First, he claimed to have, “a very unusual in-depth level of training, experience, and understanding regarding multiple faiths and the practice of Islam,” which he has suggested in public interviews is related to his time in the U.S. Naval Reserve working in intelligence.

He continued, “I separate Islam from the word faith because faith takes belief and Islam requires only submission. I will not participate in any faith dialog because Islam is ultimately not a faith.”

Parrish demanded Mustafa “publicly denounce Sharia and swear to adhere to, protect, comply with, accept, and defend the United States Constitution.” He suggested that as a practicing Muslim — or as he put it, “practicing Islamist” — she would be unable to do so. He also wrote, “Islam, Sharia, and the Quran are the antithesis of the U.S. Constitution.”

From the Center for Security Policy: Shariah Law vs. the Constitution

I’ve seen Phil Parrish speak at a GOP event in Minnesota. He’s a serious candidate. Check out his website.  Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Send a message to all the gutless politicians out there. Send him some money today.

This man is smart and courageous. He deserves your support wherever you live in the United States.



Author: Trevor

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9 thoughts on “MN Governor Candidate Phil Parrish: ‘Islam is incompatible with the US Constitution’

  1. Parrish is correct.

    For clarification sake however, it is sharia law, which is completely antithetical to OUR US Constitutional LAW, OUR Bill of rights, and in direct conflict with each and every founder of our great nation.

    ANYONE supporting “sharia law” in this country, has by intent and by design, a desire to subvert the US Constitution, and engage in an overthrow of the government of the United States of America, and is a traitor (Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison among the many)to our country.

    Too Harsh? Islamophobic? Xenophobic? Anti-immigrant? Racist?

    Not at all.

    A little skirmish called The Revolutionary War was fought and won, by people who gave us the Representative Republic.. It is OURS to keep or to lose..

  2. It’s amusing that pro-Islamists can lie so boldly right in the face of truth without flinching even a little. Every thinking person knows that Islam IS incompatible with Western law. It’s demonstrable. It’s why there are Muslim ghettos spread throughout England, France, Germany and other formerly European countries, where the police dare not go.

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