Romney Did Not Lose

By: Citizen Scribe

Over the last few days I have watched as political “analysts” and assorted pundits alternately lamented and rejoiced and “analyzed” the results of the recent election.

I have watched and listened as self-important, self-appointed authorities opined and pontificated on the “reasons” for Romney’s loss.

And, as I removed myself from the emotional turmoil that surrounds this event, and as I examined the actual data, I arrived at a conclusion at odds with all these “experts” and purveyors of “correct” viewpoint: Romney didn’t lose.

Oh, the election boards and Secretaries of State and other officials have “deemed” that Obama won the election, but the truth is rather otherwise.

What Obama won was the vote count. Remember the maxim from Josef Stalin: “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

I predicted that the only way Romney would lose was through vote fraud. As the election returns are now being finalized, we discover that in several districts the final counts added up to more than 100% of the actual registered voters in those areas. The “traditional” Press is, of course, entirely uninterested and incurious about these results, as we would expect from a Fourth-Estate-as-Fifth-Column media community.

Okay, fine, we now know that the election results are fraudulent, and we likewise know that the authorities and media will never acknowledge that possibility. What we now have is an “election” outcome that’s “official” but not legal, “official” but not true, “official” but for which the actual evidence will be destroyed, or already has been.

There is, however, a truth that will only be buried if we allow it to be. Romney didn’t lose. Romney won the support of a significant majority of Americans. The pretender in the White House knows this, his aides know this, and the people who mechanized this outcome know this. Oh, and the Press either knows it or suspects it, and is now deep enough into it that exposing it would mean revealing their own collusion and perfidy.

The reality, though, remains: the real, true majority of Americans did not ask for this outcome, did not support this result, and actually desire something very different from the plans they know this false president has for the nation.

Here is how it’s supposed to work: you know that you voted for Romney (or against Obama), but now you’re supposed to believe that “everybody else” wanted Obama. The “overwhelming majority” of people want Obama, want his policies, and want you to suffer. That’s what the Press will tell you, that’s what the authorities will tell you, that’s what the “official” version will be.

You are now supposed to “accept” your fate. You are now supposed to sit down and shut up. You are now supposed to “accept” the so-called “will of the people.” That’s what you’re supposed to do.

YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO GIVE UP. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SUCCUMB. You’re SUPPOSED to stop fighting, stop resisting, stop speaking out.


Yeah, okay, I can’t prove any of that. I don’t have any evidence that supports it. What I DO have is an analytic mind and a series of observations that inform me that the “result” we got is not supported by the events leading up to it.

So what I know and what I can prove are at odds. But there are times when you have to act on what you know, even when you’re being falsely told that what you know is wrong.

I’m still formulating how I need to proceed in light of this new understanding, but what I know, and what I need to factor into my future calculations is the fact that we — the people who love our country and favor fiscal sanity and subscribe to the ideals of the Founders — are not outnumbered. We remain in the majority.

I can’t remember ever having been here. I grew up in the ’60s, but served in the military rather than in Haight-Ashbury. I raised my family to be responsible and self-sufficient, just as my parents did. I guess you could say I was more or less aligned with the “establishment” of the day, even though I have for years disagreed with the trend toward more socialism and fascism.

Today, the Establishment has crossed a line. They have arrayed themselves against the majority of the American people.

I won’t be joining them. I won’t be agreeing with them. I won’t be accepting their “truth.” I will, instead, stand for my truth. And I suspect I am not alone.

The usurpers (for I can’t reasonably refer to them otherwise) are now the “establishment” even though they are really in the minority.

So… that makes us… what?

Well, what do you call someone who stands against the Establishment?

Feels kinda odd to be in those shoes, doesn’t it?

Welcome to the Resistance.


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39 thoughts on “Romney Did Not Lose

  1. CitizenScribe, at the risk of being discourteous I must comment that you must either be in the business of self-deception or merely a complete nutcase.

    Or perhaps you and your cheer squad are just sore losers looking for a plausible reason why your “prediction” of a Romney win fell far short of the finishing line.

    Cheating happens everywhere and in every field where humans compete and this state of affairs will continue long after we have both left this planet.

    Knowing this, the name of the game is to keep cheating down to a bare minimum so that it cannot materially affect the overall result.

    That’s why there isn’t one electorate in the entire USA that doesn’t host several eagle-eyed Republican and Democrat party observers to oversee the balloting and the subsequent count (and recount if necessary) whose job it is to yell very loudly if the least suspicion arises.

    And do you think that the same Republican Party that fought tooth and nail to secure a win in 2000 for George Dubbya Bush (after his brother Jeb stacked the decks in Florida) would quietly acquiesce to the defeat of Romney if there was even the mere HINT of a chance that they could bring the entire outcome into question and do a re-run of the Dubbya win for their Mormon hero?

    Now for a prediction of my own.

    A century from now, Obama, or Obambi or Osama or whatever nasty name right-wing ranters want to call the “black man in the White House”, will be generally acknowledged by historians across this planet as one of America’s GREATEST presidents and a leader of WORLD STATURE along with such luminaries as Winston Churchill, Matatma Gandhi, Franklin D. Rooselvelt, John Kennedy and Abe Lincoln.

  2. You can see that all you lot are just a bunch of brainwashed sheeple….

    Who cares who wins an election, it is not like the president has anything to say any how…

    But, from a None american point of view.. I think it is good that you have Obama and not this Romney fool…

    With Romney we would have had World war III before the year is up..
    You bunch of war monging fools.. It is time that America retracts itself from the stage and just keeps it armies to it’s own country, just fighting for the Damn oil and the idiots in Isrealian politics (note i am not talking about the isrealian people, just there politicians..Damn Zionists..)

    America should try and take care of itself now and sort out all there problems, cause they are the BIGGEST problem this world has, America is behind 75% of the violence towards countries currently, all in the name of the BIG corporations (OIL)…

    The FED is causing all these money problems and as such what 40 odd Million Americans can not stay in there homes anymore.. But o, Romney not voted president is a BIG issue… no, it makes no difference at all.

    People that have this way of thinking that they have to Resist…against all this should get a reality check and see what is truely important in the world..

    Republicans are the worst thing you could wish for your country.
    It would kill your finance and get you to 20 trillion in no time with defense budgets trippling and all the crap whilest the little men will be sceezed more and more.

    Any way enough rambling. European voice out…..

    1. You have got to be kidding! You think Romney would have put us in more wars? Obama has had 4 years to stop the wars, which hen promised to do the last election and he hasn’t done it. He says we are out of Iraque but we are not..there are still many soldiers over there, and what about Afganistan??? Bush may have put us in there but Obama has not taken us out and he had 4 that is 4 years to take us out and he has not done it so why don’t you call him the “war fool”???
      To assume Republicans are the bad guys just shows your ignorance! The Rep. are trying to get the Democrats to STOP spending, and the Dem;s don’t want to do that. If you want to know who has refused to cooperate with the financial problems then read the book, The High Cost of Politics. It will show you how Obama was unable to work with either party to solve the financial problem. The two parties could agree but Obama kept coming back and throwing up new road blocks. He talks a pretty game but he doesn’s follow through. He is no leader. Also Read The Amature, and you will see the real person.
      If you think mr. Obama is for the middle class, think again. He is a Socialist who believes in the poor and the ruling class. He has started class warfare here in the USA, a country founded on freedom for all people. You think you Europe has everything under control, why don’t you go tell Europe how to fix their problems and get your nose out of something you have no clue.

  3. I cannot believe how stupid and ignorant some of you people are. There is a reason why the Republican Party is splitting up and it is all of YOU. Tea-baggers, birthers, people who think Obama is a socialist, etc. People who use the terms communism and ‘liberal media.’ Give me a break.

    Every election is rigged in one way or another. Do you not see that we haven’t had control over our own government since before Reagan’s time? It doesn’t matter. As long as Republicans stubbornly stand their ground in Congress, this country is going to get run into the dirt. The Democrats did a good job of dragging the neanderthal Teapublicans into the next century in 2009-2010, but now that the GOP has a majority in the House and has retained their little sliver of power, we’re gonna get nowhere. If Obama truly wanted to rig the election, he would’ve made sure his party won all of Congress, as well.

    You people are the reason I loathe half of this country. What a bunch of ignorant assholes.

  4. What can we do? We can’t sit back and let Obama ruin this country for the next 4 years or one more day. Please there has to be something we can as a nation to request or demand a re-vote because it was so close. there were mail in ballots too. that never were received yet mailed in as Obama votes. Please Republicans and US we need to stand or we will fall. If we don’t stand united now, there will be a revolution, Please we can’t be still like lambs going to the wolves.

  5. I truly believe that Obama and his thugs stole the election from the American people through voter frauds and rigged voting machines. I have been fuming over those rampant evidences of fraud over the weekend where there were reports that in many counties in many swing states, there were more voters than there were registered voters and is some extreme cases more voters than residents. There is no way that these cases can happen unless there are massive voter frauds.

    Why aren’t the established Republicans doing anything about those evidences? Are we supposed to sit and take it and let Obama and his communist armies slowly erode our Constitution, our ways of life, our freedom and soon they will decimate us literally? Yes, I wrote it, in plain English as in during WWII, the Nazis and the communists under leadership of Hitler and Stalin killed million of people. Eventually, they will take over America and will kill us for sure. Why do we let them do this when we know that communism is nothing but evil. History has shown us that already. Why aren’t any Republicans raise hell and declare that Romney was the actual winner on Nov. 6 as everyone believed that was the case?

    Why are we letting these people gain more and more power so that they can eventually kill many of us? THEY WILL KILL US.

  6. Don’t buy anything from Blue states or stores, unless it is from supporters of The Tea Party. Buy lots of guns and ammo and other supplies. Save the rest of your money. Take out any money in Bank of America, the great illegal alien bank of the west.

  7. Thank you for this. It has been rolling around in my head since Tuesday night and roiling in my stomach every morning. If I am to have to bend over and take it, I want to know that at least I don’t have to despise most of my fellow citizens. It is hard to be in public and imagine that so many around me were out to destroy this great country. Your post helps me believe that I am NOT in the minority and that we were all played for fools by those who control the levers and count the ballots. I saw this coming years ago and wrote about it in MY blog: But I was a lonely voice. Thanks for giving so many a voice in your piece today. Count on me to help in any way I can if indeed there is hope yet to salvage this stolen election.

  8. My thoughts exactly. But the conservatives are fracturing among themselves and no one will organize. It is like herding grasshoppers because everyone wants to do their own thing and be left alone. It may be the fatal flaw and downfall of the conservative party.

    No one wants to address election fraud. No one wants to contest the vote. They all want to be lead by the nose and pretend that seceding is even an option. It is not an option. Especially if you dont address election fraud. Nothing will ever go your way again, no matter what the masses want.

    Welcome to russia. welcome to Venezuela. We will be as happy as they are.

  9. Perhaps Donald Trump could put some of his money behind getting to the bottom of the election fraud if, as you referenced, the evidence has not already been destroyed. I have been amazed that there has been no real interest in this among even the conservative news media. Had Romney come out on top, do you think the Democrats wouldn’t have exhausted every avenue to have the valid election returns overturned? Remember 2000? They have been prepping for this for decades. Why are people not more incensed about it? If we say anything in social media, we’re accused of being “sore losers” or having “sour grapes”, or told “the election is over!” I think that many of us fully expected this outcome, and have asked ourselves what we could do about it. And few of us have the resources or the contacts to actually do anything. Trump has shown in the past his willingness to do the job journalists refuse to do, so perhaps he should be approached about getting to the bottom of this.

    1. You don’t need nanny trump or a nanny state. YOU need to fix this. Have we learned nothing? You need to write your legislatures, and gather people who feel like you do, You need to become a squeaky wheel that NEVER shuts up. EVER. They are going to distract you and shut you down and try every trick in the book until you give up.

      And you will give up. I guarantee it.

      Unless you really want to get out from this game. Welcome to Russia. We will be as happy as they are.

      If Putin can keep his power, you can bet the democrats will never give up theirs. Mark my words. Hillary runs in 2016 and wins. Until election fraud is confronted our votes will never matter.

  10. Imagine the Pulitzer prize awaiting some journalist who could uncover some good ewvidence of massive voter fraud. They could talk to bums and homeless people and others (union members, ACORN, etc) who may have been directly involved. Maybe even set up some stings in a way that law enforcement never could. But it won’t happen. I bet it would happen if it were the Republicans stealing elections but who in the media would go after a sitting Democrat???

  11. Trevor, you’re right on the money! Regardless of Obama’s “appearance” in NJ after Hurricane Sandy, Romney had the crowds and the momentum going for him. This should have been another Chick-fil-A moment for America but we were cheated out of our victory.

    We’re going to have a number of challenges ahead of us. 2014 Elections aren’t that far off. With voting machine fraud so rampant, we need to push for paper balloting so we aren’t at the mercy of some diabolical computer program. Our other challenge is to combat the corrupt MSM who advance the Obama agenda.

    I never would have thought that I’d become part of a Resistance movement. Yet resistance is the only path that will save the U.S. from this Socialist decay.

  12. Every ones Sharing numbers well I will share true numbers from god very few of you sheeple are going to survive saving your soul why to much married to the world ,flesh and devil fighting over two party’s totally started and controlled by the same evil that rules the world which god himself warned you about in scripture all you sheeple dumbed down just where they want you so take some more relaxing pills fill up on Sunday football or what ever takes you away from god and truth enjoy yourself every minute debating about nothing you will ever change or control I am very sure someway in the world lucifers minions are smoking cigars drinking fine wine and eating non gmo foods and last laughing and being happy happy happy knowing they got it all in the bag especially these journalist who they trained to get you all upset daily

    1. I have to agree with and respectfully disagree with what you’re professing. This IMO, was NOT an election simply between two parties & that is certainly NOT why I’m upset about NObama winning. It was a vote about the future of our nation, the direction it would take. It was about 2 men & what they each stood for, apart from politics. Would we become a Socialist/Communist nation, under the power of the UN or remain a nation of liberty & freedom. Hitler (evil), was also elected. Thousands upon thousands of people were praying for our nation, all over the world and I believe God answered those prayers as He promised. I agree with you about the rampant evil in our world & nation (IMO NObama is the precursor to the anti-Christ), and although evil was overcome to deliver Romney as victor, evil did prevail when it came to counting the votes. For good people to do nothing, allows evil to grow.

    1. One thing everyone can do…sign the petitions for a full recount that are appearing on line. Elections won’t be certified until December (7?), so time is of the essence. We can also contact our federal and state reps, as long as our governors. We have to find a way to take a stand against what is wrong & evil; if this fraudulent election is allowed to stand, then what’s next for us? NObama in forever? Fraud will continue throughout all elections and will become worse, if we don’t do something to stop it. Perhaps changing the method by which we vote, may be another possibility. We need to all join together to find answers and the correct action! Wish Romney for starts, hadn’t conceded so quickly and put his attorneys on a re-count, as Allen West did and by that re-count, more and more fraud is being brought to light in Florida. NOT limited to one state, I guarantee that!!

      1. Excellent point. Are you in Texas? You sound like someone I could get behind and help achieve your proposal.

  13. How’s this revelation for PROOF of Extreme Evidence of Voter Fraud


    How can this possibly be?

    According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mitt Romney on Tuesday received ZERO votes in 59 Philadelphia voting divisions! ZERO!

    It’s one thing for a Democratic presidential candidate to dominate a Democratic city like Philadelphia, but check out this head-spinning figure: In 59 voting divisions in the city, Mitt Romney received not one vote. Zero. Zilch. […]

    Most big cities are politically homogeneous, with 75 percent to 80 percent of voters identifying as Democrats.

    As you might imagine, this is impossible.

    But don’t try to tell liberal media members that voter fraud is real.
    (HT @DavidLimbaugh)

    About the Author
    Noel Sheppard is the Associate Editor of NewsBusters. Click here to follow Noel Sheppard on Twitter.

    1. Perfectly possible to imagine divisions in heavily African American parts of Philly having no Romney voters. I suspect there might be a few divisions in Utah with no Obama voters, check it out.

  14. Yes, there was massive fraud, the Democrats knew they were out, so they did the only thing they could do to keep out of jail, they stole the thing! We will have our pay back, demand voter I.D. cards in every damned state! The states which had them, Romney had won hands down. So to beat fraud, demand the paper ballot and voter I.D. cards.

      1. You must not have read the article. More than 100% of registered voters in those precincts voted (and over 90% in nearly all the rest, which is statistically impossible). In case you do not understand the grammar and simple syntax of this statement, it means that “More people voted than were registered to vote.”
        So given these facts, why do you think it is possible that 100% voted for one candidate. One person didn’t even accidentally vote for another candidate in areas where we would expect to see this not just a little but a lot. Impossible! You’re either ill-informed or you’re dishonest just like the president and his henchmen that stole the election.

  15. “As the election returns are now being finalized, we discover that in several districts the final counts added up to more than 100% of the actual registered voters in those areas.”

    Where is this information found? Is this common? Did this happen when Bush won?


  16. You are absolutely right. Leading up to the election I KNEW Romney was going to win. WE knew. As election night unfolded and the traitor was announced as the winner I became physically ill and this is why. Obama did not win. He stole this election as is his way in the tradition of the dirtiest Chicago politics. Didn’t we know they would not go quietly? As you say, we are now the Resistance.

  17. Romney lost by a mere 407,000 votes—vots that would have been offset if the military votes had been counted, if all the east coast storm victims had been able to vote, and if there hadn’t been massive vote fraud in PA and OH.

    This election was stolen. What else do you expect from marxists?

    1. Has anyone heard that one of the companies that serviced or own the voting machines is owned or partially owned by Soros. There were a number of reports where people voting for Romney claim it registered as an Obama vote. Maybe some well to doer should offer a large monetary reward for anyone coming forward with info

      1. No, Soros does not own the voting machines. It was reported for a while that Tagg Romney owned a partial interest in one of the companies, but that too was untrue.

    2. Romney lost by 407,000 votes *in swing states*, but by much more overall. Adding in “east coast storm victims” to 407,000 doesn’t make sense.

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