SPYGATE: Mark Levin Provides The Timeline And Proof Of The Obama Administration Using Police Tactics Against Trump [VIDEO]

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | NoisyRoom.net

Mark Levin is on a tear and it is a wonder to behold. I just watched him provide solid proof on Fox News on how all these police tactics against President Trump did indeed occur. The media provided most of the proof themselves that the two FISA requests were sought by Obama… the first one in June of last year, which mentioned Trump directly and was denied, and a second that occurred in October last year and was narrowed in scope, then was approved. It looks like it may have been targeting a server in the White House that was emailing Russian banks supposedly. No wrongdoing was found, unless of course you count what Obama did.

Levin has laid out exactly how this should be investigated and he has the full attention of the White House. His findings and recommendations have been circulated to several White House staffers, according to Washington Post reporter Robert Costa. The FISA orders and transcripts should now be made public and hearings should begin over all this. The media is still insisting there is no proof, when they provided said proof. This is insane.

From Conservative Review:

Mark Levin, Conservative Review’s editor-in-chief, recommends the Trump administration open an investigation into Barack Obama. Levin states the former president’s team used police-state tactics against then-candidate Trump during the 2016 election.

“The gravity of this is unparalleled. It appears that during the course of a presidential election, the Obama administration used both intelligence and law enforcement agencies to investigate the Republican nominee’s campaign and certain surrogates,” Levin tells Conservative Review.

Levin – who served as chief of staff for President Reagan’s Attorney General Ed Meese – explained the potential scandal on his Thursday evening radio show:

“We have a prior administration – Barack Obama and his surrogates – who are supporting Hillary Clinton and her party, the Democratic Party. Who were using the … intelligence activities to surveil members of the Trump campaign, and to put that information out in the public.”

“The question is: Was Obama surveilling top Trump campaign officials during the election?” Levin asked on “The Mark Levin Show.”

Mark Levin is calling this a silent coup. And he is correct. I’ve looked right at this evidence for months and I never connected the dots. I’m so glad Levin did. It is obvious to me that Barack Obama did know about all this and had Lynch at the DOJ once again do his dirty work. There was and is an orchestrated plan to sabotage the Trump presidency and not only stop him from getting his appointees approved, but stop him from accomplishing anything of merit or that would hurt the Obama legacy.

A myriad of things now look very connected. The protests and riots, Valerie Jarrett moving into Obama’s mansion, Jarrett’s daughter being hired by CNN to cover the DOJ and Jeff Sessions when she’s not even a journalist, the attack on Jeff Sessions himself, and on and on and on. When do we wake up and realize we are at war within? And that Obama and his activists must be stopped and held accountable. You’ve got Loretta Lynch literally calling for blood and death in our streets: “…They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again…” – Loretta Lynch, February 28 2017 This is who we are fighting and we must now see this through and show the left that we will not stand for police state tactics against Americans like this and especially against an elected President.

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6 thoughts on “SPYGATE: Mark Levin Provides The Timeline And Proof Of The Obama Administration Using Police Tactics Against Trump [VIDEO]

  1. Perhaps it is time for Trump et al to call the funtioning left by their proper name … Marxist Leninists

  2. it is so sad to see the neighbours to the south of us in such turmoil. We here in Canada see all the inner fighting within the USA and think its just shameful to see what’s suppose to be the leader of the free world, falling apart at the seams. I think that all Americans should be standing behind your president and pulling together to fight the terrorists and not spend your time fighting each other. When your country cant work together, it makes the entire western world look bad. it also looks bad for us here in Canada. We are suppose to be leaders, not uncivilized, back stabbing traitors as the world sees it right now. your country is being watched by the entire world and its so sad to see your country falling apart. We here in Canada see what’s going on. Its a tragedy. For the love of God and country, pull it together and show this world how to run a country that is filled with freedom and democracy. stand tall as you once did and back the man that was elected to be your president. If he is not what you people want, then elect a new president in 4 years but for now, stand behind him and show the world that you are all united. Stay strong and be well. all the best, signed, a Canadian rooting for the USA

    1. There is so much more going on than unhappy voters. There are more happy voters that do not get representation in the news. As a nation we are being subverted by Marxist/ communists that have been trying since the end of WWII to end us. We who stand on our constitution, held our noses for eight devastating years, have beeen busy providing for our families fighting to over through these infiltrating ideals that are so counter to what this country stands for. Those children on our college campuses who have beeen indoctrinated by Marxist teachers and all the little do good ( tongue in cheek here) organizations supported by known billionaire Soros, who is really a Marxist/Natzi and international criminal, are behind most if not all the upheaval and violence you see on TV. Only in California, New York and some other high citizen volume areas of voters stood for Hillary. The majority of voting precincts went to Trump. It so upset all the Marxists and the outgoing commie in chief that they have doubled down with the intent to overthrow us. I don’t know how it will turn out for sure, but I can tell you there are many many persons who do see what’s going on and are standing strong and trying to get what we call “snow flakes” to stop the crap. Keep praying for us cuz if we fall I doubt the world will remain very free.

      1. Right on…Electing Trump is a burr in the New World Order’s saddle…They overplayed their hand…He is our last best Hope..The open borders, One World Marxist Govt. crew will continue to sabotage. That is their plan B…90% of D.C. are entrenched Democrats who will not give up their cushy jobs without a civil war.

    2. Curt..You can’t reason with anti American..anti Constitution Progressive Marxist Globalist…there is no compromise..no middle ground. They want the New World Order..one world Govt. Trump is a Nationalist and detest Globalism, NAFTA, TPP and open borders.

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