Sen. Cruz Demands Answers From Associate AG Nominee On Operation Choke Point

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The DOJ has acted as a partisan arm of the White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today in a full Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) questioned the Hon. Stuart Delery, nominee for U.S. Associate Attorney General. Mr. Delery approved Operation Choke Point, a Department of Justice (DOJ) initiative that unconstitutionally sought to choke off access to banking services for gun dealers and other lawful business enterprises.

“The DOJ has a long and bipartisan tradition of staying out of politics, of defending the law and the Constitution, and not acting simply as a partisan arm of whatever president happens to be in the White House. I believe the DOJ has violated that tradition of staying out of politics. The DOJ has an obligation to defend the Constitution, and instead, this Administration’s DOJ has consistently violated the constitutional rights of American citizens and has treated the Bill of Rights with contempt,” Sen. Cruz said. “By cutting off financial resources to lawful small businesses, Operation Choke Point is an abuse of power that undermines the integrity of the DOJ.”


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5 thoughts on “Sen. Cruz Demands Answers From Associate AG Nominee On Operation Choke Point

  1. wow!! he’s TOUGH… imagine this guy debating hillary. no wait… i don’t have to imagine, if he is the republican nominee!! come on voters in the early states, PLEASE vote for him. i don’t live in one of the early states. i wish i did.

  2. I just heard a Rabbi say,” We are so gullible,… We love and value ‘charisma’ and yet we ignore ‘defective’ character. Character holds the entire body up. Values and principles regulate leadership. Vision without values is destiny without discipline. Are your values ‘negotiable’? Accountability is commitment to integrity. Leaders are responsible to everyone else. Character is personal, but, it’s never private. Character and integrity protects leadership. Whether public or private, you must be the same person. That is character. That is what people trust. That is what makes a great leader, teacher, or politician.”


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