5 thoughts on “Hear! Hear! Trevor Loudon at The 2014 SC TEA Party in Myrtle Beach, Warning of the ‘Enemies Within’

  1. The people he has named would work and could pull us out of the next election. America could have a COME-BACK.

    Will CRUZ and West give it a try? How do we, the nobodies in nobodyland get them to do it? Will they do it? Of course NOT. IT’S TOO EASY,IT WOULD WORK!

    I don’t think there are enough people that care about our country, it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. People are too busy with their OWN lives. America is doomed.

  2. We need this man and the people he helps motivate!
    We need the coalition that he describes Now!
    Give up or Give it our all? Take our place in history?
    We have the “world on our shoulders”!
    Thank you, Trevor.

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