No, Glenn Beck does NOT ‘support’ Black Lives Matter (audio)

Glenn Beck via TheBlaze
Glenn Beck via TheBlaze

“A country cannot subsist well without liberty, nor liberty without virtue.” ― Daniel Webster

Nicholas Schmidle of the New Yorker wrote a smear piece on Glenn Beck after the media mogul granted him an interview. Not surprisingly, Schmidle misrepresented Glenn Beck’s positions on Black Lives Matter and Barack Obama.

On “Black Lives Matter,” Beck noted that he is not supporting Black Lives Matter, but he does support the “people.”

Beck said,

“I do not support ‘Black Lives Matter,’ I support people – and listening to the people. But not the manifest or their ‘kill the cops’ stuff.”

This has been a theme for Beck, who many conservatives have sadly abandoned. Beck appears to have given up on the idea of “waking people up,” sensing impending chaos. Instead, Beck (as interpreted by the author) wants Americans to unite and even work together to prepare for the inevitable hard times which he believes are coming.

Trevor Loudon often says that the union leaders who have hijacked the unions are not reflective of the union workers themselves, many of whom are hard-working Americans who love their country. This is the same point, perhaps, that Glenn Beck is getting to with the Black Lives Matter movement, whose leaders care much less for black Americans than they do communist revolution.

On Obama, Schmidle writes that Beck said: “Obama made me a better man.” But Schmidle did not explain that Obama’s anti-American actions in the White House led to Beck’s deep appreciation for the Constitution and history.

This author would never have “woken up” without Barack Obama and frankly, without Glenn Beck.

“There’s a lot of Americans – conservative Americans – who I believe, in their heart of hearts, will understand and agree that Barack Obama made them a better person,” Beck explained. “Because they know what they believe now, they know why they believe it. They studied the Constitution for the very first time in the their life. They know the history of our country for the very first time in their life. They learned things in the last eight years – we learned things – that…nobody is teaching anymore. Real, true history of the country. Good and bad…”

If not for Glenn Beck, Americans would not have known about the importance of the Federalist Papers or the significance of people like Saul Alinsky and George Soros. Without Glenn Beck, communist Van Jones would still be holding his job in the White House and Americans would not understand the Cloward-Pivon strategy.

Glenn Beck deserves our respect and appreciation.

Listen, starting around the 30:28 minute mark:

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