Trevor Loudon heartily endorses Brooke McGowan for Oklahoma Senate District 17

Brooke McGowan
Brooke McGowan

Dedicated constitutional conservative Brooke McGowan is known to the gang at for, among her many good works in the fight for liberty, her vocal opposition the inexplicable Freedom Caucus support of Paul Ryan for Speaker. McGowan was on the right side of history then, and as a principled conservative, she will fight tooth and nail for the restoration of the Constitution as intended by America’s founding fathers.

Trevor Loudon is “thrilled” to hear that such a dedicated conservative is throwing her hat in the ring to represent Oklahoma Senate District 17!

Spread the word and support Brooke in any way you can!!

Here is Brooke’s press release:

April 18, 2016 (Choctaw, OK) – Brooke McGowan, daughter of a retired Oklahoma City firefighter and Vietnam Veteran, has declared her candidacy to serve Senate District 17. She filed papers on Friday, representing residents of Choctaw, Harrah, Jones, McLoud, Shawnee and eastern Oklahoma County.

Brooke McGowan, age 45, daughter of Jim and Debra Davis, was raised in Choctaw, where she, her dad and her daughter graduated from the local high school. As a former military spouse, Brooke has lived in California, Hawaii, Florida, the DC area, and North Carolina.

“I’ve carried the Oklahoma standard with me everywhere I’ve lived. People all over remark that Okies are like no other. I wear my heritage with great pride. I’ve dreamed for many years of serving the good people of my home state,” McGowan says. “I hope this race will give me the opportunity to do that.”

McGowan is a graduate of Rose State College, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Ministry with a concentration in Christian Counseling from New Life Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, now named Charlotte Theological Seminary.

Brooke’s penchant for cost containment was a favorable asset for committees served and employers alike. Over the years, she has worked as an executive assistant, business manager, clinic director, and as correspondent to a variety of political media organizations. She has interviewed notable Congressmen, Senators and activists, from Senator James Lankford to the late Andrew Breitbart. She has delivered messages of conservative activism, supporting the Right to Life, knowledge of the Constitution, and the Right to freely express one’s faith in the public sphere.

“Excessive federal overreach is a problem nationwide. Big government wants to dictate when or where you can pray, what health plan you have to select, what curriculum your children fall under, and thrusts unfunded mandates on states that must balance their budgets.”

Brooke has delivered speeches during rallies in Washington DC over the last several years. With a commitment to service, she has met patriots across the country and helped to organize the 2 Million Bikers to DC event on 9/11/13. The widely attended rally was in response to the previously announced Million Muslim March on DC for the same date. Brooke and her friends found that initiative to be a major assault on our country on the sacred day. The event was a charity ride to honor the fallen, those who serve in the US Military and the first responders. It was grossly underreported, but a major success.

Brooke has visited DC to deliver messages to elected officials regarding the need for Congress to take stronger action to protect the people of the United States from corruption.

“When government bureaucrats execute public policy without public consideration, we are two shakes away from tyranny” Brooke states. “We need to be cautious about electing civil servants that are more interested in lining their pockets than referring to their pocket constitution.” McGowan believes many in DC rarely read or even believe in our founding documents. “There is a remaining remnant that adheres to our foundation, but for the most part, we’ve lost our mooring at every level of government; local, state and federal.”

“When we select our civil servants it is imperative that we understand their worldview. I base all decisions on a practical measure: is it constitutional? Is it necessary? Can we afford it? I have been a Marine Corps wife who has endured difficult deployments, a single mother who’s raised two daughters, a grocery store employee to make ends meet when necessary and a missionary. I know how to stretch a dollar and set a budget. Especially given our current shortfall, our state government needs to implement living within their means.”

Having been on the frontlines for conservative and Christian ideals in DC, Brooke has a vested interest in getting back to her roots and offering what conservatives need in protecting the state of Oklahoma from further federal overreach. “It’s an honor to serve. Most officials forget their primary role to us, the people.”

Brooke states she is running to serve as Senator for District 17 because “after years of activism, it’s the natural progression when you want to continue to be a change agent.”


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